Why I Want To Eat Like a Baby

Feeding the twins has always been quite the task, whether it was breastfeeding, bottle feeding, baby food, and now finger foods.  When those boys get hungry THEY WANT FOOD NOW!  I’m not sure that will change whether they are 9 months or 19, right? :)

But I digress…you see I’ve come to learn a few things from these babies and one thing I’ve learned of late is that I wish more people could eat like a baby, heck I wish I could eat more like a baby.

Why I Want to Eat Like a Baby

Babies have it down…eat when hungry, stop when full, eat whatever tastes good.  When do we forget the basics?  I get caught up in ‘eat every 3 hours’…make sure you eat this at breakfast…even if you aren’t hungry get those 6 meals in…but you know what? Maybe these babies are smarter than all us healthy living bloggers?!?!?!

Jonah and Micah love to eat scrambled eggs – they eat it almost daily for lunch these days.  They love avocado…so often times they eat half an avocado each. Banana is another favorite.  They don’t worry that you aren’t supposed to have eggs for dinner every day or how much fat they just had in that whole avocado. They have no idea how many grams of sugar or carbs are in that banana.  They just eat…they eat when hungry!  Of course they can’t eat a lot of different foods just quite yet…but you get the point.

Why I Want To Eat Like a Baby

Oh so cute but OH SO MESSY!

Wouldn’t it be such a simpler life and food a bit more enjoyable if we just stopped to listen to ourselves?  I’m soooo guilty of this!!!  Though I’ve come a long way in the past few years, the boys have definitely shown me the beauty of listening to our bodies.

Then I think of the foods I’m willing to buy and serve them.  I buy all natural stuff.  I stick to as much organic food as I can.  No processed foods…look at the average American’s diet does it resemble anything close to a wholesome infant’s diet?  Not so much.

What makes us think we are that different just because we are older?

I propose we all start eating a bit more like babies..but maybe we could use silverware and not our hands?

Backyard Workout

Welcome to our Wild Workout Wednesday link up! Each week I link up with Angelena Marie from  Angelena Marie: Happy, Healthy & Balanced , Annmarie at The FIt Foodie Mamma, and Amber at Bold Fit Mom  to bring you workout ideas, motivation, inspiration and recipes to try.  Join us for a wild workout each week by reading along or grab the button and link up if you have a fitness or healthy living post to share!

Check out WILD WORKOUT WEDNESDAY for lots of great fitness posts!

Check out WILD WORKOUT WEDNESDAY for lots of great fitness posts!

With no technology over the long holiday weekend, I spent a good chunk of Saturday morning working out in our backyard planting perennials, pulling weeds, moving dirt with my parents.  My parents and I have an obsession with all things that involve getting our fingers in the dirt!  Dan was kind enough to watch the boys so I could get a little dirty.

While helping my dad, I started pushing the yard cart full of dirt towards the back corner of our yard.  I stopped and said aloud this would make for a great workout post…he laughed and probably thought I was nuts. But I’m always trying to think of ways to get fitness to become FUN and easy for everyone!  It hit me, this is perfect!

Now I know some of you may not have a big yard like us..be thankful 6 acres is a lot to mow :)…but you can adapt to your own yard.  Use my ideas as inspiration to fuel your workout!  If you need help coming up with modifications for your yard just let me know!

For this specific workout you’ll need yard cart or wheelbarrow and one or two watering cans.  Make sure you have water in the watering cans and if possible have the wheelbarrow a bit filled with dirt of put a bag of soil something in it for added weight.

Start by warming up for 5 minutes…either jog or walk around your yard.  Once warmed up try this circuit workout.

Backyard workout image 1

Grab some gardening gear and workout!


What is one piece of yard equipment you would use for a exercise move? I want to add onto this!





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What to Do When Technology Fails

Hope you all enjoyed  a wonderful and relaxing holiday weekend!

I woke up on Saturday with big ambitions to get blog work complete, newsletter written, editorial calendar updated…and then no internet.  And on top of that because we keep having internet issues our data limit on our phones is almost up with two weeks left in our month.  Of course I tried to get the internet restored and we have a little spotty connection but I honestly had to deal with having no internet for two days..I’m writing this while doing a quick Starbucks visit (which might be a mom’s dream :) ).

What To Do When Technology Fails

Am I still super frustrated with the fact that I couldn’t get work done while Dan was home on vacation?  YES.  But you know what I decided to focus on what I could do while all technology seemed to be failing.

When Technology Fails Image 1

Technology may have failed me…but I didn’t fail myself.

I could be present with my children!

I could prove to myself that I don’t need to constantly be ‘on’ to be a successful coach or blogger.

I could read a good book instead of scrolling through Facebook.

I could take a long walk with  not only my boys but my husband!

I could make a cup of coffee and wake up slowly on our deck.

I could plant flowers and pull weeds and get dirt under my finger nails.

I could…I could…I could…I realized without technology I COULD do so much. Sure I couldn’t do the technology related stuff but I could choose to use the lack of connectivity to recharge, get inspired, and focus on the way life used to be.  And you know what…it felt great even if a bit uncomfortable!

What could you or would you do if you had NO technology for the weekend?