Ebook for Entrepreneurs

I have had the awesome opportunity to work with Book Delight Blog Tours.  I love to read!  I’m so excited because recently the boys have REALLY loved reading.  We’ve taken a few trips to the library and we have come home with so many fun books.  Just like a library trip the Book Delight Tours have provided me with the chance to read a few good books lately.  I just finished reading The Miracle Entrepreneur.  This book really called out to me as I pursue my online training business and who knows what other journeys will come about in the next few years.
I was selected as one of the lucky few to interview the author!  How fun is that?!?!  This book was terrific and I LOVED how Ramona included many scripture references throughout her writing.  Ramona did a terrific job throughout her book of bringing back the focus of all our business goals to HIM!  I hope you will take a few moments to go look into her book if you have any entrepreneurial goals or dreams…it will be worth your time to read!  and enjoy her interview below!

Ebook for Entrepreneurs

Ebook for Entrepreneurs www.creatingbettertomorrow.com

Many start-up entrepreneurs believe they need thousands of dollars to start their businesses. That is not true

1. Can you give us all a bit of background about yourself?  What led you to where you are today?
I have been an inspirational entrepreneur for over 30 years.  Most of my businesses I started were with little or no money.  My businesses were designed to help others be better, look better or feel better. For ex. I started a singing message service, before it became big, to make people happy.  I had my own skin care line to help women feel like queens; and most recently, the last 15 years, I was a recruiter with my own staffing firm. 
I’ve coached many individuals on achieving success via the workplace and/or starting their own businesses; for example, Mary loves playing the piano.  She did not think anyone would pay her to play the piano.  She was playing for FREE for a large broadcast company. We structured a contract and asked for $100.00/HR.  She balked about doing the contract, but we did it and she got it!  Now, she charging that and more; whereas, before she was getting NOTHING; now, she has an entire business around playing the piano.
2.  I loved reading your ebook!  One of my favorite parts was the inclusion of scripture throughout the book.  How does your faith play into your own entrepreneurial endeavors?
I share my faith by inspiring others to live their dreams and using God’s word as a foundation.  God is not something we entertain on Sundays or when we are in trouble; our faith affects every area of our lives – including our incomes.
God wants to be a part of EVERYTHING!! Oftentimes, my ideas do not come from me, they are inspired by God.  Instead of being fearful – we should trust God more. It can be a game changer; especially, if you’re  living paycheck-to-paycheck.  You can have incredible wealth (spiritually, financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally) by stepping out on faith. Faith and obedience is the key to having it all.
Most importantly, I want others to have other options, a Plan B, should they no longer have the income from their jobs or other sources.
3.  As an online blogger, wellness coach, and online trainer…I am definitely trying to keep all my ‘business’ endeavors in check with my #1 job as wife and mom.  What is your #1 tip for work at home moms for keeping it all in ‘balance?
I am glad you asked.  I raised three children as a stay-at-home mom, in their formative years.  My most invaluable advice to any mom and wife is to take time for yourself and pray about everything.  I received so much wisdom and favor from starting and committing my day to God; my children and husband were blessed because of it.  Although, my children are grown they are still blessed because of that time.
4.   I’d love to know why you wrote this book…there are SO many work from home, personal development type books…what were you looking to specifically fill in that space with your ebook?
Actually, I used to do Entrepreneur bootcamps;  I met a lot of women who wanted to start a business, but they were unsure whether or not to do it.  I was a business consultant with the SBDC as a student; I worked with the Chamber of Commerce to help small businesses. I helped small businesses to strategize, plan, and/or grow their businesses. I love working with business owners.  I love taking ideas and translating them into working models. Being a third generation entrepreneur, it is what I enjoy.
I agree, there are a lot of books and people doing the same thing. The difference is that I do it from a space of inspiring others to live from their God-given purpose.  Yes, there are a lot of ways to make money, but I’ve found that people who live from purpose are the most happiest and fulfilled.  My purpose is to help others find their purpose; to use it and bless others.
I did the bootcamps to help make the decision process easier.  I wanted others to know that they are not alone.  Help is always available.  I just translated the information into a workbook.
5.  Is there any last tip you’d want to share with my readers? And where can my readers find you and more information on your book and your services?
The Miracle Entrepreneur workbook can be found on www.BooksbyRamonaClay.com; Also, I am available for speaking, coaching and/or workshops.  I can be contacted at ramonaclay@outlook.com; Also, those who purchase the book will get a 30 minute coaching session for FREE.  My next book, The Job Makeover will be out by the end of the year.
Disclosure:  I was provided a copy of Ramona’s ebook and compensation for this post.  However, never fear!  All thoughts and opinions are 110% my own.  

Gym with No Scales

I have talked so many times here on the blog and social media about giving up the scale.

Stop weighing yourself, I say…

It’s just a number, I say…

The scale doesn’t define you, I say…

And I truly, truly, truly believe in all these things but I like all of you am bombarded on the regular with the pressure of the scale.  We seriously are just attacked from all angles with slim talk…social media, tv, our gym, blogs, the list could go on and on.  So I wanted to come at you with a confession today and I also wanted to share with you my solution.

I teach at a small local gym.  Honestly teaching group fitness there has been one of the best things for me.  I’ve taught since this past February and it gets us all out of the house, it gets me looking forward to something a couple times a week, and it gets me socializing :)  But this said gym has two sets of scales I walk by EACH TIME I TEACH.  One is right smack dab in the walkway of the ladies’ locker room and the other is right smack dab in the doorway into the group fitness entrance.  UHHHH!!!  You see where I’m going already don’t you?

Do I keep walking by? Do I ignore the scales?

Well I caved…sometime two or three months ago I started stepping on that stupid thing about once a week.  And honestly I was fine with the number and it wasn’t as triggering or terrible as I thought it would be BUT the thing is I kept doing it…once a week every week and I was mad at myself one day when that number was a bit more than I thought it ‘should be.’  Now I will pat myself on the back that seriously it was just one or two days that ‘got to me.’ Which is a HUGE accomplishment BUT I wasn’t living what I was telling others…forget the scale.  How can I really believe it if I don’t live it!  And more importantly why, why, why was I letting the scale become a habit once again.

We don’t have and if I have anything to say about it will NEVER have another scale in our home and I never even look at my weight at the doctor’s office….so why I thought I should step on at the gym I’m not sure.  And I honestly don’t want to overthink why I stepped on it.  I want to focus on the choice I made two weeks ago. I chose to not step on that scale again.

Gym with No Scales www.creatingbettertomorrow.com

I refuse to let the scale play any role in my happiness.

Now you may be surprised but I actually wrote this down as a goal and surprise #2 I didn’t say I will never step on the scale again.  I honestly don’t want that as my goal.  I wrote down…

I will go to the gym to workout and refresh my mind, body, and soul without a focus on my weight or appearance.

For the past 3 weeks I have not stepped on that scale.  I’ve actually revitalized my hatred for scales.  Each day I walk by and see the scales it’s almost like I talk back to that stupid thing…in my head I’m repeating ‘You ain’t got nothing on me.’

So all this personal dialogue and challenging myself to seriously DITCH the scale for the last time got me thinking of this wild idea, what if we could go to a gym with no scales.

Gym with No Scales

What if gyms weren’t relying on weight loss to get members and clients?  

What if gyms were only about moving because you enjoy it?  

What if gyms took every single weight loss fitspo picture down?  

What if gyms ended every holiday weight loss challenge?  

What if we truly saw fitness for what it were…a chance to move and celebrate our bodies’ accomplishments.

Because really when I talk to folks whether in my group fit classes or through my online training, I tell them (which surprises many of them) I don’t care if they lose one pound, gain one pound, or lose 15 pounds but what I do care is that they eat nourishing foods, think nourishing thoughts, and move in a way that nourishes their mind, body, and soul.

My idea of a gym with no scales might seem a bit far fetched but I think it might leave us all a bit happier and healthier than any weight loss goal or program ever would.

So today I want to ask you what if you had a gym with no scales?  Would you think less of your gym because of the lack of scales?  Would you still workout if the numbers didn’t matter?  Does your gym have scales?



Marathon of Motherhood

It seems like so long ago I wrote my 35 week pregnancy update comparing pregnancy to distance running.  For those that haven’t been around my blog for a long time you may not know that I used to be a crazy runner gal.  I have completed two marathons and COUNTLESS half marathons.  Though my running days may be behind me for now I still remember those days of training, the race mornings, and the recovery.

This past weekend Dan was out of town with his friends (he is still super close with friends from high school and college which I love!) at a cabin.  That meant a weekend with just me and the boys as grandma and grandpa were busy with other commitments too.  I mentally psyched myself up for the weekend knowing that my usual breaks wouldn’t be coming from Dan like normal.  And as I sat praying on Friday morning for the weekend ahead…it hit me this motherhood thing (just like pregnancy is a lot like marathon running).

Marathon of Motherhood

Every day you have to get up and prepare for the run of being mom.  Preparation for this run for me includes some prayer, some warming up with exercise and stretches, some quietness, quick shower…and of course refueling with breakfast hopefully before the real race of the day starts.

Marathon of Motherhood www.creatingbettertomorrow.com

To all the mothers out there…all the other mothers are here on the course cheering you on!

Then almost as if you can hear the crowd gathering at the corrals the boys both start to get restless in their beds and scream a bit as the crowd gets me pumped for the daily training race.  The race begins.  And if I’m quite honest I need water breaks and refueling more times than I’d like to admit.  It has taken me 15 months to realize it is A OK to take a few moments to myself and just sit while they are off playing.  Those rest breaks in the race make all the difference if we all make it alive to the finish line.

I may not have visual fans on the sides of the road cheering me on with funny signs but what I do have day in and day out is an AWESOME support system.  Whether it is a text message from Dan just to let me know I CAN DO THIS or a visit from grandma just to let me know she’d like to give me a few minutes to use the bathroom (sometimes this isn’t a joke folks).  The support and cheering squad I have day in and day out truly makes me a better mom.

At the end of the race, the day as any marathon does seems to drag on and on…sometimes I think the finish line will NEVER appear.  The boys get fussier, I get a little more worn down, my mental muscles are ready for a break.  And then just like seeing your husband at the last mile marker….the boys give you a tight squeeze of a hug, your husband walks in, the boys blow me a kiss…SOMETHING is always there to give me that last push for the SPRINT to the finish line.

See my days of running may be over for now but what is never over are the lessons that running has taught me, the lessons that motherhood teaches me everyday, and the marvelous lessons my children will teach me for years to come.