Fun Facts Friday April 18, 2014

1.  I really don’t care for expensive medical bills, insurance, or dealing with billing people.  3-D ultrasounds for high risk pregnancies are NOT optional folks and you’d think insurance would cover more than 5% of a HUGE bill…rant might be over for now,  but know that Dan has heard a lot about my HATRED of insurance and the stupid broken health care system lately.

2.  My mom made Daniel and I Easter baskets :)  She filled them with roasted sugar nuts (finding out the twins REALLY like these, AKA they will all be gone before Monday), chewing gum, oranges, peanut butter balls, and a few fun toys.

smile friday

3.  Reality is starting to hit (not only with baby as I mentioned yesterday) but with leaving my job at the end of May as well.  They have interviewed candidates, found a good fit, and are moving forward.  I am trying to plan out my schedule to use up all of my vacation…just at one month left…wow so real!

4.  I’ve been LOVING my lunches this week.  I made a few batches of egg salad (Easter appropriate right?) for lunch at work.  I threw in 2 boiled eggs, 1 boiled egg white, chopped up tomato, chopped cucumber, and a dollop of guacamole…I’m telling you try it!  Healthy fats, veggies, and light on the tummy as I fill up pretty quickly these days!

5.  Hopefully I told you (maybe I didn’t!) but Daniel and I are trying to read the entire New Testament from the Bible out loud to the twins before they arrive.  Last night just after posting my post about reality setting in, I read this passage that I thought might comfort some of you worriers out there too.

Philippians 4

4 Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! 5 Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. 6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

I tend not to ‘worry’ God with my ‘small’ daily burdens, but He tells us to bring it ALL to Him in prayer.  Just what I needed to read last night – love that He always knows what I need.

What is your favorite Bible verse to reflect on when you have worries?

22 Weeks Pregnant and Reality Hits

22 weeks pregnant – can you guys believe it?!?  I know that everyone told me it would go by so fast but it is hitting me now…I can’t believe 22 weeks.  Everyone also told me becoming a mother would come naturally, I’d know what to do, that you ‘figure it out as you go.’ And honestly I never had any worries about becoming a mother really, I know Dan and I are smart, responsible, loving, and faithful – we WILL do it together!

But then I was walking through Target alone (Dan had dropped me off as we rode together and he had another errand to run) and while I was shopping I could hear the sound of a newborn crying.  Their cry is so distinct I knew it was a newer baby.  I got closer and the poor thing was still going at it, I immediately thought ‘Lord help that mom make it through and comfort her!’

I rounded the corner and there she was with 2…twin…boys…my heart sank for a moment.  She was doing a GREAT job.  The mom wasn’t losing her cool.  She would comfort one baby while the other was in the car seat in the cart.  Then switch them up, all while shopping.   I literally stopped in the middle of the aisle and thought I might lose it.  At that moment it hit me, I was going to be in her shoes (not sure I will go to Target without Dan the first month, she was brave!) so soon.  I will be responsible for two very tiny miracles.  I cannot lie, I almost lost it (definitely pregnancy hormones) in the middle of Target.

I said a quick prayer in my head and made myself just continue shopping, but not before stopping telling the mom I was expecting twin boys and thought she was doing a great job!  She was so happy for  me and said really it isn’t this bad all the time, usually they love Target.  We both agreed we’d probably see each other in the coming months (I hope we do!).  After I finished paying for my items, I waited for Dan to pick me up.  Not long, but long enough for me to go back to slight panic mode.  I remember thinking (saying) to God, ‘you really think we can do this?’  I began to shed a tear as he pulled up.

I got into his truck and told him what had just happened, he smiled and said we’ll be fine. And you know what we will be fine.  God knows we can do this and maybe we won’t be as daring to go solo with the boys to Target, but we will do this and we will do our best every step of the way…ok panic now over :)

22 weeks maternity pic

Best moment this week:  DAN FELT THE BABIES!!!  We were lying on the couch and I was almost positive he would be able to feel them, they are going nuts a lot more in there!  So I told him to try – and he smiled and said, ‘Was that you or them?’  Ha ha, too much information perhaps, but we pregnant women have a lot going on down there so it is hard to know if it is tummy rumbles or babies – but it was most definitely the babies!

Movement: Heck yeah!  I can tell when they turn over/roll because my stomach literally changes shape, kind of nuts.  And they are very active morning and night time when I’m more quiet and still.  They seem to go nuts when I’m trying to work on harder projects at work which can make it a bit difficult to concentrate.

Food Cravings:  Meat, meat, meat!  As I mentioned we grilled some amazing burgers this weekend, I made enough for me to have a few over the week.  Meat and cheese and fruit  are all my current favorites – I haven’t had scrambled eggs in over a week! (oh wait – I had egg salad so far 3 times this week for lunch, at least it is a different form of eggs, right?!?!)

Sleep:  Pretty good!  I’m getting better at falling asleep after bathroom breaks.  Oh I dream of sleeping on my stomach though.  I miss my tummy time!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or moody:  Happy :)   I got a full day of outside work in over the past weekend, full of energy, and just having so much fun getting ready for the babies!

Miss anything?  This past weekend trying to work in the yard I realized some tasks aren’t possible with my growing belly.  They just don’t feel so comfortable (so I stop) or I just can’t do them :(  It makes me a bit sad, but Dan is learning a lot about gardening and helping me prepare all of the beds.  He will be my gardening assistant for this season to help with what I can’t do!


Are You Living with Passion?

Last week I mentioned that I guest posted over at The Universe Knows.  I really loved the post (I’m allowed to love certain posts more than others :) ) and wanted to make sure you all had a chance to read it.  So I am including my guest post from last week below.  Enjoy!

Guest Post as shared on The Universe Knows

Live with Passion is one of my favorite (I can’t lie they are all my favorite on different days) pearls of wisdom found on The Universe Knows products.

Live with Passion Mug

Lately I have been giving a bit more time to thinking about my true passions. I started my blog Creating a Better Tomorrow just about a year and half ago.  I was a dreamer out to, as another pearl of wisdom puts it, Make a Difference.  I dove head first into blogging, learning as I went, never too afraid to fail.  I even started a fun project called Monthly Mailers just over seven months ago.  I worked with folks from The Universe Knows (they rocked in supporting me from day one in many ways!) to help spread the word.  The first couple of months the project grew and I was excited. Then after the ‘newness’ wore off I was discovering that though I LOVE sending mail and inspirational messages to others – I was NOT passionate about the project I’d created.  I did not find the same joy in sending cards to random folks when I was worrying about advertising Monthly Mailers to others.  I did not send as many cards out or make as many phone calls just to ‘say hello.’

It took me a couple of months to recognize that my passion wasn’t where my project was…make sense?  I wanted to believe that I could make others want to participate, that I could make others want to reach out to strangers to say hello.  And I did a bit I guess – several people participated, several wonderful notes sent my way saying how they loved the idea.  But you know what?  My passion wasn’t there and even worse working on the project was stealing away my passion in my own life to pass on blessings to those around me.

So just yesterday as I wrote my seventh Monthly Mailer post I knew what I needed to do.  I needed to get my passion back.  Might sound strange but to me at this moment that meant ending Monthly Mailers.  Will it be over forever?  I don’t know.  But I do know that I appreciate each and every one of you who participated, I truly think together we helped to Make a Difference.  And I do know that I will focus now on sending my own cards to those in my life that I love and care about, and of course maybe one or two to strangers just to pay it forward.

Is it fun to ‘quit’ something that you yourself created?  Not at all.  But as the title of my blog reads, Creating a Better Tomorrow, I’m always on the quest to make tomorrow my best.  Right now my best is focusing on finding my true passions.


So I ask you what is your passion in life?  What’s your passion project right now?