Factors to Consider Before LASIK

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Fresh out of college and only one year into my job as an accountant I had LASIK done here in Indianapolis…it was LIFE CHANGING.  I was blind as a bat before (yes truly almost legally blind, my mom actually IS legally blind).  LASIK has saved me money even within the first year after my procedure I’d SAVED money.  And the freedom, oh the freedom!  I can’t even imagine what it would have been like to be a new mom with my old thick glasses on and those late nights.  So when I was offered the opportunity by Price Vision Group (post sponsor) to host a guest blogger to tell you more about this AMAZING procedure, I knew I had to.  Many friends ask me about LASIK, I never hesitate, I say go get your free evaluation and GO FOR IT if you are a fit.  So without further ado here is your weekly guest post while I’m taking a bit of a break!  ENJOY!

Factors to Consider Before LASIK

By Vanessa Harper

It seems I’m constantly hearing radio ads or seeing massive billboards for LASIK, at least here in Indianapolis. LASIK is the most common form of vision-correction surgery. Its popularity is well-documented and advances in technology have continued to improve the outcomes for patients who want to rely less on glasses or contact lenses.

As an avid swimmer, I want to have LASIK so that I don’t have to hassle with putting in my contacts before I can jump in the pool. I thought I could just call one of those 800-numbers from the billboards, schedule my procedure, and be seeing clearly in no time. I quickly found out, it’s important to know if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. Certain conditions limit the surgery’s effectiveness or increase the risk of complications, making it unsuitable.


A person’s age is one of the factors considered by LASIK surgeons when determining if a patient is a good candidate. The procedure is approved by the FDA for anyone 18 or older, but people in their early 20s may want to hold off on the procedure.

Why? Because a person’s vision generally continues changing throughout early adulthood, and it’s preferable to have stable vision prior to LASIK. In fact, most surgeons require a patient considering LASIK to have the same prescription for at least a year before he or she is deemed a good candidate for the procedure.

Most LASIK patients are between the ages of 25 and 40. Older individuals can still undergo LASIK surgery, but the effectiveness of the results may be limited. That’s because people in this age range generally undergo normal age-related loss of the eye’s ability to focus. This condition, known as presbyopia, is why people start needing glasses to read as they get older.

What this means for people in their 40s or older who are considering LASIK is that they will still need to wear glasses for reading or for other up-close activities. It’s good to remember that even patients in their 20s or 30s who get LASIK surgery will eventually be affected by presbyopia and require reading glasses.

There are some individuals in their 60s or older who remain potential candidates for LASIK surgery. Even though the risk of cataracts increases after you turn 60, people with healthy eyes between ages 60 and 80 can benefit from the procedure. In fact, the website LASIK.com says “it’s possible that a 70-year-old without cataracts or other eye illnesses is actually a better candidate than a 30-year-old with very dry eyes and diabetes.”

Physical Factors

Age certainly influences someone’s LASIK candidacy, but it by no means draws an absolute boundary. But there are additional factors that must be considered before getting LASIK surgery.

Women who are pregnant or nursing should postpone LASIK surgery because these conditions may cause temporary changes in your cornea. Since LASIK reshapes the cornea, it should only be performed when things are stable.

Patients with signs of keratoconus may not be able to undergo LASIK. This condition causes thinning of the corneas, making LASIK too risky. There are other conditions which cause the corneas to be too thin for LASIK, such as previous laser eye surgery. According to the FDA, “most refractive procedures change the eye’s focusing power by reshaping the cornea (for example, by removing tissue).  Performing a refractive procedure on a cornea that is too thin may result in blinding complications.”

Certain medications, hormones, and illnesses can affect the effectiveness of the LASIK procedure, or the eye’s ability to heal properly after LASIK.

A laser eye surgeon will also measure the size of your pupils before moving ahead with the procedure because patients with large pupils have an increased risk of complications associated with LASIK surgery.

The good news is, even if you’re not a good candidate for LASIK, there are other refractive surgeries that just might work for you, such as PRK and Epi-LASIK. To find out if you’re a good candidate for laser eye surgery, consult with a highly qualified eye surgeon with an excellent reputation and a track record of great results.


Making Time For Family

A month or two ago I mentioned that I would try to incorporate some breaks into my blogging.  I am so driven to do more, be more, more, more, more and I forget that making time for family is actually the only thing I need to DO MORE!  I don’t plan on this being a long break :)  but my plan from here on out is to take a few days each quarter for a ‘blogging vacation.’

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I encourage you to make time for family – if that means scheduling it in at first until it becomees habit – do it!  I will be taking a few days maybe a bit longer, who knows off from blogging.  I’m sure I’ll be hanging around on Instagram (are you following me?) but don’t you worry if this little space of mine is a bit quieter for just a bit!

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Total Body Circuit

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Check out WILD WORKOUT WEDNESDAY for lots of great fitness posts!

Check out WILD WORKOUT WEDNESDAY for lots of great fitness posts!

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You are in for a treat with this workouts.  I like to keep my muscles guessing and if truth be told I don’t like to get bored while I workout.  This circuit can be done anywhere so it’s great for travelling, and I guarantee your muscles will thank you the next day!

this post is short and sweet today as the boys are keeping me on my toes lately…kind of like this workout, nothing fancy BUT when it comes to working out you don’t need fancy to get results and get sweaty!

Total body circuit

No equipment, no excuses, GO!

Do you like circuits that are easy to remember and repeat the same moves?  Or do you like to be on your toes always switching your moves up?

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