Friday Facts April 17, 2015

Fact – I am going to start sending out a newsletter, most likely weekly but we will see what happens, the beginning of May!  If you’d like to be added to my newsletter email list just fill out the form below!

Fact - You may have noticed I changed up the banner headings on the site.  I’m going to be revising to keep the blog fresh, better organized, and focused on the things that matter to me FAITH, FAMILY, FITNESS, FOOD!  It is a work in progress but I hope to have things better organized and cleaned up ASAP here on the blog.

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 Fact - Dan was gone all this week for work.  All I can say is there is no way I could be a single mom.  Being a mom of any type is hard but a single mom of twins…I am beat!  Big applause to those of you who do this day in and day out by yourself.

Fact – I want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who reads.  I am so thankful!

If you could thank one person today for supporting you in anyway who would it be?  I’d thank my mom, dad, and husband – they are a huge support network for me day in and day out in sooooo many ways!  And often times in the craziness of parenting I forget to say THANK YOU out loud.

All Things Fitness

I’m so excited to bring you a guest post from a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador, Lauren is a fit mom and  an all around great gal and I’m so glad I recently stumbled upon her blog.  ENJOY!

All Things Fitness

My name is Lauren and and I am over in cyber space at  I have the opportunity to guest blog for the talented Sarah at Creating a Better Tomorrow and I wanted to share some tips to get you going on your fitness journey, whether you are a beginner or exercise veteran.  Believe me, some days eating clean and fitting in a workout can be a challenge, but I always feel more centered, calm, and energetic after a good sweat session.  Being a busy working  mom of two girls ages 2 and under, some days I truly need to remind myself of my own advice.  I hope you enjoy!

All Things Fitness Image 1

1. Ge gentle on yourself

I think that we as women tend to be super critical of our own bodies from an early age.  So what if you had to take a few breaks on your run, stopped for a stretch mid workout session, or did push-ups on your knees?! You only made it 25 minutes through your HIIT circuit because the baby was crying….it’s just part of life!

Who cares?

All Things Fitness Image 2

The miles are in the bank, the work is done –  you could’ve sat on the sofa and not done anything at all. Stop criticizing your workouts and look at what you’ve achieved.  You don’t need to achieve perfection but just hold the intention each day to be

2. Listen to your body when it needs Rest

This can be a tough lesson to learn when you have a running plan or weekly workout circuit to stick to.   I have learned though my own fitness journey over the years to use my weekly workout plans as just a guide. I don’t beat myself up if I opt for yoga instead You know your body best and if your legs are screaming after a long taper run, don’t push it to do sprint intervals the following day.  You run the risk of over-training and getting injured with a “no pain, no gain” attitude toward fitness.  Sure its awesome to test your limits ans see how far you can test your limits some days, but learning how to back off, or modify a move to your fitness level is truly a learned art listening to your body.

Rest when you need an off-day, and your workouts will be so much more effective because of it.

3. Cross Train

Yes, I am a runner and running will always be my passion.  But one of the most important components of running is strength and endurance training.  If I just went out and ran 5 miles every day at the same pace, I would never improve as a runner.

All Things Fitness Image 4

All Things Fitness Image 3

Staying injury free is vital is crucial for any athlete and the only way you can do this is bytraining smart and getting strong. Yoga, piyo, sprint intervals, HIIT workouts, straight cardio, upper body, plyo, and the list goes on.  You have to be willing to mix things up and try new things if you want to improve in one area.

4. Invest in a Foam Roller or Deep Tissue Massage

I know. Foam rollers may hurt when you are sore and massages can be pretty pricey.

But if you don’t give your legs a break to loosen up and distribute those tight muscles,ligaments and tendons, you will always be sore from your training.  Just remember to stay hydrated after a massage, as your body is expending crucial energy to break down that built up lactic acid.

5. Grab a mat and go to yoga

Most runners will tell you that they are not flexible or “bendy” enough for yoga.  The truth is that yoga takes just as much strength as flexibility.  And if you are not bendy like a straw (or my toddler), then your body will totally crave a good stretch from yoga.

I’ve been saying I should do more yoga since my second daughter was born (she is almost 8 months old now!). I absolutely love Bikram yoga (90 mins of postures in a heated room), but it gets tough to get there with 2 littles and a full time job.

Yoga is both physically and mentally challenging, but also so rewarding to focus on the present moment, the breath, and just let your body flow into the postures. Your yoga practice also improves with patience and repetition, thus improving your strength and flexibility with time.


Like I said before, al ot of these tidbits of advice are a work in progress for me, but that’s what make me human right?  I hope you enjoy and happy training!

One Minute Workouts

Hopefully you know by now that I am in LOVE with my workout DVD collection.  There is nothing better to me than Max30 in my living room.  And most days I fit in a full 30-45 minute workout but this past week Dan had to be gone for work a bit and was travelling which meant a bit less time for me to fit in fitness.  I found myself fitting in quick one minute ‘workouts’ throughout my day.  Don’t be fooled fitting in a minute here and a minute there can ADD UP big time!  Now don’t expect to be running a marathon or dropping weight right and left, but I’m reminded of Carla’s #wycwyc concept.  On the days you can’t get in a workout find SOME way to move throughout the day.  So I’m here to share with you a variety of one minute workout moves you can add in to your day.

One Minute Workouts

One Minute Bathroom Squatsok we ALL go to the bathroom either at work or at home…don’t blush we all have to go to the bathroom.  So if at home hopefully your bathroom is big enough (but I understand if not our’s wasn’te either until this house) do one minute worth of body weight squats or count to 30 squats.  If at work don’t try this in a bathroom stall ;)  but go to the big handicap stall or just go back to your office and do one minute/30 counts of squats.  Fit this in as many times as you want throughout the day!

One Minute PlankDo you use mouth wash?  I do!!  Guess how long my bottle says to swish it around in my mouth? One minute.  Don’t just stand there…get down and plank while you swish that mouth wash!

1 minute workout image

Small decisions to live healthier become BIG changes

One Minute Tricep Dips – Have stairs in your house or work? PERFECT!!! Make a point to stop and use the steps (or if no stairs a chair at home) and do one minute of tricep dips!

One Minute Wall Sit – Wall sits rock because you really need no equipment!  Just you and a wall.  Challenge yourself to fit in a wall sit while on a conference call, while watching the kids play, while doing just about anything!

One Minute Push Ups - I love this one for moms!  I am constantly down on the floor with the boys.  Why not stop and pump out a few push ups?  The twins think it is so funny to watch me go up and down. I always count out loud when I do anything in front of them (like exercising), never too early to start learning to count! 

One Minute Favorite – I always remember some of my favorite moves from my workout DVDs.  I try to pick just one that I can do (usually focus on bodyweight so I can do it anywhere) throughout the day.  For instance, I love the ‘Surrenders’ from 21 Day Fix cardio workout (see a demo here).  Added feature, I can ‘add weight’ by doing this with one of the twins in tow.  

 Am I dragging on yet?  The idea here…you can ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS find a minute, yes just one minute to move during the day.  

Do I love my workout DVDs?  Do I still want and strive to fit in 30-45 minutes of exercise a day?  Yep!  But I’m also ok with the fact that sometimes I may not be able to get that done!  But I commit to each and every day move more even if it means just one minute here or there. 

One minute here…

One minute there…

Those minutes become hours, those hours become days, those days maybe become weeks…it all adds up to a healthier, fitter you!

What would be a move you’d add to my list above?  I’d love to add to my one minute workout ideas!