Friday Facts May 22, 2015

Fact – 4 day weekend for Dan…that is a mom’s DREAM!  Now he will be doing things around the house of course but it is still oh so nice to know he’s home!

Fact – I’ve been doing these little Friday quick bullet point posts for a bit and as life has gotten busier I’ve noticed I don’t really like them that much :)  so for now this will be the last edition of Friday Facts…I’d prefer to give you guys top quality posts Monday – Thursday (guaranteed 3 a week! some where in there)….and let the Friday posts go.

Fact – Sometimes it feels so good to #simplify life.  Even something as simple as deciding to discontinue Friday Facts is relieving and makes me realize how powerful the word ‘no’ can be. It has been feeling oh so good to say YES when I want to and truly thinking through what I say YES to and when I say NO.

Fact – I do want to say THANK YOU for all of you who come back day after day and keep up with the blog.  You have no idea how awesome it is to meet people that follow the blog :)  Can’t wait to share some super exciting news with you soon!

Don’t be afraid to say NO to obligations, events, blog posts, focus on just living life to your top priorities and values! And with that…so long Friday Facts and hello weekend!


Exercise With Your Baby

Welcome to our Wild Workout Wednesday link up! Each week I link up with Angelena Marie from  Angelena Marie: Happy, Healthy & Balanced , Annmarie at The FIt Foodie Mamma, and Amber at Bold Fit Mom  to bring you workout ideas, motivation, inspiration and recipes to try.  Join us for a wild workout each week by reading along or grab the button and link up if you have a fitness or healthy living post to share!

Check out WILD WORKOUT WEDNESDAY for lots of great fitness posts!

Check out WILD WORKOUT WEDNESDAY for lots of great fitness posts!

Exercise With Your Baby

The other day as I perused instagram I saw a hashtag that I fell in love with #myreasonnotmyexcuse The picture was a mom pushing a jogger with her baby in tow.  It hit home with me. Often times I find folks saying they are too busy with kids activities to workout.  Too busy with babies to workout…too busy with family.  But shouldn’t they be one of the main reasons you workout? I decided to show you a few of our favorite moves to do with the boys.

Squat with Baby Raise

*No baby? No problem!  Just use a weight or any household object (gallon of milk?) to push up as you come up from your squat Sit Up and Raise

Chest Press 

Workout with baby image 2

You might think it isn’t much but once they get a bit bigger you will feel it!


Workout with your baby image 3

They love this one – I make silly faces at them while I hold it!

Push Up With a Kiss

Make sure you always count out loud.  Those little ears will be able to count so much faster by hearing YOU count out loud as you work through the exercises together.  Be silly, smile, and act crazy!  Babies will eat it up.

It is so key to show our children and our entire family that healthy living is important from an early age.  As a mom, I feel it is so vital for my children to grow up honoring their bodies, nurturing them with nutriious foods, and teaching them to respect their bodies.  But I also want them to know it is important for mommy to live that out too! Hopefully I don’t need to type this but always be extremely carefu lwhen doing exercises with your baby.  Make sure you are using good form, aren’t too exhausted, and if at any time feel tired better safe to put the baby down than risk any harm to the baby! If you are interested in some other Mommy and Me Workout ideas check out these ideas below too! Mom and Baby Workouts from Moms Little Running Buddy Mommy and Me Stroller Workouts from Moms Little Running Buddy Yoga for Kids from Miles and Miracles How to Workout with Your Baby from Variety by Vashti Playroom 15 Workout from Fit Life With E

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Honey Almond Ice Cream

I love ice cream and I love, love, love using our Ninja blender.  Sometimes the Nina can frighten the boys.  I pretend (yes ask Dan I really do this) that it is a rocket, so to ‘prepare’ them for ‘blast off’ I make a big show about it and we count down from 3.

3…2…1…blast off!  Then the blender goes crazy and the boys about jump out of their pants.  But I think after making daily shakes and smoothies in it they are used to it.  Anyway, i digress!

When Blue Diamond and Almond Breeze sent me a carton of their new Hint of Honey Almond Milk I knew just what I wanted to do with it…create a healthified ice cream dessert.

So without further rambling…

Honey Almond Ice Cream Image 1

Ice cream in a mug…think that through…I’m hot then I’m cold!

Honey Almond ice Cream

  • 1 cup Almond Breeze Hint of Honey Vanilla Almond Milk
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use Vanilla Shakeology)
  • 2 Tablespoons almond butter
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon xantham gum
  • 15-20 ice cubes

Combine all ingredients into a high powered blender (think Vitamix, NInja, etc.).  Blend until consistency of ice cream like treat!  You might need to add more ice depending on size of ice cubes and consistency of your protein powder.  You can always add a bit more milk too if you need more liquid.

Honey Almond Ice Cream Image 2

Healthy Fats, Protein, Comfort food all combine for tasty creation!

I love the combo of the honey with nuttiness and the slight bit of spice from the cinnamon.  The cinnamon gives it almost a sense of comfort food but still with the refreshing texture and cool temperature of ice cream.

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze Almondmilk. Remember all thoughts on the blog are 100% mine.