Friday Facts December 19, 2014

Fact – Next week might be a bit quieter around the blog…I encourage your life to be a bit quieter too.  I will be spending all that extra time with friends and family as I enjoy the holiday season.  Focus on finding ways to cut down your to do list and just BE with your family!  I will be enjoying EVERY moment with the twins’ on their first Christmas…I can’t explain the joy seeing Christmas through a baby brings to me.

reindeer crowns on twins

Recycling this picture because I just can’t stop smiling when I look at it :)

Fact - I am looking to feature a guest blogger at least once every 2 weeks if not weekly – and I want ANYONE (meaning you do not need to be a blogger).  Please contact me if you have any interest in writing a guest blog.

Fact – Our heat pump went out AGAIN – talk about frustrating…this busy mom does NOT have time to deal with repair men on a brand new unit yet again.  All in a ‘moms’ day right?!  But good news we have heat for the short term and it will be (if not I will explode!) fixed for good by the end of today!

Fact - :( the heat pump disaster happened on the Creativity Takes Courage Project reveal day…so I missed the party.  GREAT news though – I will be having the leader of the project, Erin, guest blogging in the next couple of weeks.  I would tell you what I did BUT I want you to come back and hear from Erin and to see how amazingly creative and talented the gals that participated were – you will seriously be blown away!!

Pin cushion & thread

Just wait until you see all the amazing projects that came from the same fabrics!


Why Do I Workout

I’m not sure how many of you follow me on Facebook (if you don’t hop on over there – I love making new ‘friends’ :) ) but the other day I posted this picture on my personal and blog page…

Postpartum body

Thanks to my friend Jenny Swisher for the awesome Tshirt*excuse the quality of pic as I never intended it to go into a blog :)

And I got tons of likes, comments, and messages after I posted this picture.  Mostly people with much too kind of words…

you look great! did you really just have twins? what are you doing?  WOW!

And first off -thank you all – you had me floating on cloud nine. But it got me thinking…because yes I’m happy with how I look right now especially because I had no idea what pregnancy would do to my body (I didn’t CARE AT ALL as long as we had two healthy babies!  Thank God for answering that prayer!).

Mixed in with those kind comments I also felt a need to explain myself to explain why I workout these days and why I don’t care what I LOOK like so much and why I TOTALLY CARE what I FEEL LIKE and how HEALTHY I am.  I read this blog by another Christian Mom and fitness guru Michelle Myers.  Michelle’s thoughts truly hit home for me.

No matter how old your “baby” is (or even if that baby is simply your spouse, your aging parents, your friends, your job or your church family), exercise positions you to be physically equipped to do more for others. – Michelle Myers

Some find me a bit fanatic about exercising and eating well and that’s ok, I’m fine with that, to each their own.  But I’m also fine knowing that I do this for the ‘babies’ in my life.

I consistently remind myself and pray that my fitness and health goals be for my ‘babies.’ I pray daily that I workout more than just for vanity but that I workout for health and my ‘babies.’  I’m not talking just the twins, I’m talking about my husband, I’m talking about my parents, I’m talking about my family, I’m talking about my friends.  I want to live a long healthy life full of energy for all of those ‘babies.’ Of course these days the twins are the biggest ‘babies’ in my life and why I workout is often fueled by them.  I see my exercise as my mom therapy time.  I need that time to devote to myself to be my best ME and MOM to all of those babies.

Do I like that it makes me look good? Of course, I would be lying if I said no

Do I LOVE that it makes me FEEL good? You bet!

Do I LOVE that it makes me a better MOM?  I love that part!

But best of all I know I’m taking care of my babies by exercising no matter how old those ‘babies’ might be.

*If you’d like to learn about the 30 minute workouts I’ve been doing at home please contact me I’d love to help you take care of your babies in your own life!*

Question for you all – who is the baby in your life that pushes YOU to make healthy decisions? 

What Would We Do Without Smartphones?

The other day as I scrolled through Facebook on my phone during a late night feeding I thought to myself,

What Would We Do Without Smartphones?

More specifically the thought in my head was, what would I do as a mom without this phone.  It so often seems like I’d be bored without it.  I find myself on it while I feed the boys, while the boys nap (sometimes), after they go to bed, during dinner (if that’s what you call the meal at night that sometimes happens with my husband), scrolling through instagram at the stoplight.  Yep – what would we do without smartphones?

I think the twins have a bit of insight into what we might do without smartphones.  You see every time I pick mine up while they are awake, playing or eating, they seem to get fussy.  So I always put it right down. But never fear I am quick to go back to it as well.  Except for this past week when I had a thought.

I’ll tell you what I think I would do as a mother and a wife if I didn’t have a smartphone…

I might sit in awe and just watch my precious babies eat or sleep.

Sleeping Baby

Sleeping baby brings peace to the soul

I might sit there and gently caress their foreheads.

I might take a moment to take in that precious baby smell.

I might take time to talk to them more and tell them how much I absolutely love them.

I might take a moment to sleep while they eat or nap.

sleeping mom

Rare nap for this mom!

I might take a moment to pray.

I might actually have a full blown conversation with my husband over ‘dinner.’

I might even take a moment to do ABSOLUTELY nothing.

I think my list would go on and on but one thing is for sure.  For now I am striving to remember to put the phone down and truly realize there is so much more to life than what is on that phone.  Sure I’ll browse facebook, sure I’ll post on instagram and facebook – BUT I pray I may see the beauty in the moments that occur off social media and OFF my phone.

What Would YOU Do Without a Smartphone?