Working with a Health Coach

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve alluded to a fun, personal project that I recently embarked on and I am happy to share with you all that I’ve been working with a health coach.  Maybe you are scratching your heads right now…saying to yourselves, but Sarah you are already so healthy…but Sarah you look great…but Sarah you help coach others.  And perhaps some of those things are true BUT I believe we are all a work in progress and we all need coaches in this game of life.

I have come so far in my relationship with food and exercise.  Even as I type this on a total rest day (2-3 years ago I worked out at least 2 hours a day 7 days a week) I am amazed by the progress I’ve made.  BUT I still don’t love my relationship with food and my body.  About a month ago I started thinking about the boys growing up and family dinners, I never want the boys to realize that foods are ‘bad’ and ‘good.’  I don’t want them not to eat a certain food because mom said it was ‘bad’ for her…I want them to eat foods because mommy said it is healthy!  I want them to eat foods because mommy said it will make me stronger and smarter!  I want them to eat foods because they enjoy the way it looks and tastes…but if I want THEM to do that then don’t I have to do that first?

Health Coaching

Each day working to find my happy!

So I set out on a mission.  I follow Brynn over at Balancing B and see her post about health coaching and her amazing relationship with food and her body since going through training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Brynn shares her life on her blog and her life as a new mom…through her sharing I began to realize we are much alike and that her journey to her body love relationship now is much like mine!  She has dealt with many of the same ‘issues’ that I and I’m betting many of you deal with.  Bad foods vs. good foods…body hating…over exercising…under exercising…poor mental head talk (you know ladies when you beat yourself up after you eat that one thing you just weren’t supposed to eat).

I won’t lie I didn’t want to reach out to Brynn.  I was afraid if I reached out to her and if I told you all about it somehow it would make me less of a coach to you.  But I’m finding out that is sooo not the truth!  I realize by working on myself I am making myself a better woman, a better wife, a better mom, a better daughter, and a better accountability coach to many of you.  If I am a better, more wholesome person my life will become better, more wholesome.

Over the past couple of weeks I began working with Brynn as my health coach.  I’ll be sharing much of my journey with you all and even let Brynn share a bit over the next few weeks too!  Next week I plan to share my first month’s experience working with a health coach.  I think many could benefit from a health coach and if you are like me you might not even know just what a health coach does so I can’t wait to share.

But as for today I just wanted you all to know that I recognize the ‘perfection’ that can come across in blog world but folks no one is perfect.  We should all be working each day to make our tomorrow a bit better, to make ourselves a bit better, to make our souls and faith a bit stronger…each day is just a step in our journey.  This journey for me now just has another support team member on my side!

More on Health Coaching to come next week! To find out more about Brynn, her blog, and her health coaching services.  Check out her website and feel free to contact me.

Have you ever worked with a health coach?  What is one area in your fitness or nutrition life that you’d like to improve?

Creating Better Tomorrow Tip – Always look to improve each and every day. These improvements don’t have to be major.  Perhaps consider just smiling 5 more times a day compared to the day before.  Each day a bit better, each day a bit happier, each day a bit fuller than the day before!

Friday Facts March 27, 2015

Fact – My poor poor hands just won’t stop cracking.  I looked down the other day and everyone of my knuckles was bleeding.  I lather lotion on a LOT throughout the day but double diaper duty and lots of dishes = poor poor hands. Anyone have good lotion or creme that isn’t oily/greasy?

smile friday


Fact – I am looking for guest bloggers again…I have one more week’s worth but I’d love YOU blogger or not to take over for the day.  Contact me!

Fact – Did you see my post on Faith, Food, and Fitness?  I’d love for YOU to join ME!

Faith Food and Fitness

Your Body is a Temple

Fact – I recently stumbled upon a new blog at and she has an amazing campaign about living a ‘leave your legacy’ lifestyle. I love it and think you should check it out too!

Fact - We have nothing other than just staying home, church…so no go, go, go this weekend and I couldn’t be happier!

What do you have planned this weekend go, go, go or stay, stay, stay?  

Healthy Living Quiz

I have to confess…the boys have had some rough nights of sleeping…and yep that means this mom had a couple rough nights of sleep.  So when I saw Lindsay’s Totally Stolen Healthy Living Quiz…I thought it would be a totally easy way (AKA I wouldn’t have to think of an original post as I’m a bit brain dead) to share some personal facts about me today.

Healthy living quiz

First I”ll answer…then YOU pick 2!

Can you eat what you want or do you have to watch it?

Hmmm…good question.  I like to eat healthy foods.  Do I let myself eat anything I want?  Not really if I”m being truthful. I need to work on eating what I want, listening to my body, and not having ANY ANY guilt related with food.  I am working on this…more to come on the ‘work’ I’m doing.  I recognize this is a struggle for me leftover from my eating disorder pasts, but I am as a person always going to be a work in progress.  So I accept this struggle as a challenge to overcome!

After you had a baby, did you feel pressure to snap back into shape? 

Nope!  I wanted to get back in shape.  I felt no pressure from anyone.  Exercise is my therapy and my drug.  And really having twins in a 2 story house…best way to lose weight I swear.  All the trips up and down carrying baby is a workout in itself.

Do you guys want more kids?

Can we come back to this one? ;)  Don’t ask us on sleepless nights.

Favorite ways to pamper yourself?

I’d love a long pedicure right now…I can almost dream of it now. I don’t know that I even care so much about the polish color.  In my dream right now I’m just imagining someone rubbing my feet and massaging my calves.  Can you tell I really would love this?  But if I were being more realistic I would love to just pamper myself with a super long shower followed by actually taking time to put lotion on and maybe even a bit of perfume!

Besides wine, do you have a go-to drink?

I am really not even a huge wine drinker.  I have become a huge coffee fan.  I drink 2 ‘smalls from our Keurig just about every day (I used to be a tea drinker but it just hasn’t been tasting good lately), I drink water, and Scivation Intraworkout BCAAs throughout the day.

but the only MUST HAVE is my daily Shakeology I HAVE TO HAVE IT…every day :)

Do you have any health regrets?

I do regret the years I mistreated my body with over exercising and undereating.  I hate that I wasted so much time and energy on my eating disorder in the past and I work every day to put it ALL behind me. I focus on whole food and using food as fuel for my body!

Are you a yoga person?

I love PIYO but that’s not real yoga…Yoga if taught at a good studio I do like but that isn’t an option for me right now.  I just can’t get into yoga too much at home with DVDs.

What workout move do you loathe?

Hmmm…you guys are going to hate me, but I actually like most workout moves.  Even those I don’t like it is usually because they are challenging to me at the moment but that makes me like them even more…I like to have to work hard.

When do you feel sexy?

I’d say after a long shower (yes including putting lotion on) and then always when I get dolled up for formal events with Dan. As a mom it isn’t often I get to put on a dress, heels, make up, and just feel like a woman!

When do you feel your absolute happiest?

When Dan gets home for the evening and all 4 of us head upstairs.  He changes clothes while me and the boys roll around on our bed.  They love it! Hearing them all giggle and watching the man I love so much play with them makes me happy beyond words.

Ok – pick any two and share your answers with me today!