Making Time For Family

A month or two ago I mentioned that I would try to incorporate some breaks into my blogging.  I am so driven to do more, be more, more, more, more and I forget that making time for family is actually the only thing I need to DO MORE!  I don’t plan on this being a long break :)  but my plan from here on out is to take a few days each quarter for a ‘blogging vacation.’

family time

maybe what I need more time for is right within the 4 walls of my home


I encourage you to make time for family – if that means scheduling it in at first until it becomees habit – do it!  I will be taking a few days maybe a bit longer, who knows off from blogging.  I’m sure I’ll be hanging around on Instagram (are you following me?) but don’t you worry if this little space of mine is a bit quieter for just a bit!

Also – one little housekeeping note.  As my blog continues to grow (THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!) I am often approached to blog about and post sponsored posts.  I want you to know that this blog will ALWAYS be 100% honest, authentic, and ME! but paid posts and sponsored opportunities are needed for me to keep the site up and going…so you may start to see a few more sponsored spots.  I hope you find them helpful and know that I carefully consider each posts so this site doesn’t turn into a spammy blog.  Sound good?

So until this little vacation is over :)  HAVE A GREAT TODAY AND AN EVEN BETTER TOMORROW!  And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to keep up with me and to check out my newsletter (do you need to subscribe?!?)


Total Body Circuit

Welcome to our Wild Workout Wednesday link up! Each week I link up with Angelena Marie from  Angelena Marie: Happy, Healthy & Balanced , Annmarie at The FIt Foodie Mamma, and Michelle at Fruition Fitness  to bring you workout ideas, motivation, inspiration and recipes to try.  Join us for a wild workout each week by reading along or grab the button and link up if you have a fitness or healthy living post to share!

Check out WILD WORKOUT WEDNESDAY for lots of great fitness posts!

Check out WILD WORKOUT WEDNESDAY for lots of great fitness posts!

I love body weight exercises

I love working out at home

I love total body circuit workouts

I love sharing my love for all of these with YOU and my clients!

You are in for a treat with this workouts.  I like to keep my muscles guessing and if truth be told I don’t like to get bored while I workout.  This circuit can be done anywhere so it’s great for travelling, and I guarantee your muscles will thank you the next day!

this post is short and sweet today as the boys are keeping me on my toes lately…kind of like this workout, nothing fancy BUT when it comes to working out you don’t need fancy to get results and get sweaty!

Total body circuit

No equipment, no excuses, GO!

Do you like circuits that are easy to remember and repeat the same moves?  Or do you like to be on your toes always switching your moves up?

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Staying Motivated to Work Out as a Mom

Time for the weekly guest post!  I’ve recently become friends with some super inspirational women and I am so excited that one of them, Kelly from Running for Chocolate and Sanity (what an awesome blog name right?!?), is here to post today.  I know you’ll enjoy and if the name of her blog wasn’t enough to entice you, let me just tell you – you should go check out her blog too!

Staying Motivated to Work Out

Ways I stay motivated to work out… even with 3 kids!

I get it, I really understand. The baby was up a trillion times last night. The kids are already fighting and it’s not even 7 am. You have piles of laundry to do. The sink is full of dishes. You’re tired and the last thing you feel like doing is moving, never mind working out. I HAVE BEEN THERE. But I am here to tell you I have found ways to help manage that helpless overwhelmed feeling. Get up and MOVE. Your body will thank you. Your kids will thank you. Your husband will thank you. I can guarantee you will become a happier person because of it. I have put together a list of things I do to help motivate myself to work out.

First and foremost I set a plan. I have a weekly workout schedule that I follow. I think of them like appointments. I can’t cancel unless it’s an emergency. I find this works better for me. If I say I’m going to work out at some point on Wednesday but I don’t actually have a set time or workout planned then chances are I will skip it. I talk myself out of it and it just doesn’t happen. On the other hand if I say Wednesday I going to the gym for 9:30 and I want to run 4 miles and work on biceps and triceps. It will happen.

I prep the night before. I set out everyone’s clothes before bed to get the kids off to school on time or to come along to the gym. I pack my gym bag and have all the snacks ready to go. If I’m going for an early morning run I set out my breakfast so I can eat the minute I wake up. Giving me more time to sleep and less time to stress in the morning.

My sanity will thank me. I remind myself how amazing I feel after a great work out. Those endorphins are amazingly awesome. It sets my day off on a positive note. It gets everyone out of the house and moving. I have a chance to have a bit of adult conversation or just a minute to clear my head of the long to do list. I regroup and then conquer the rest of the day.

motivated to work out1

my head JUMPS for joy when I work out!

I eat better. When I take the time to work out and get active I want to nourish my body with foods that will aid in recovery. I’m not going to run 5 miles and stop at McDonalds for a burger. It just doesn’t happen. I worked too hard to eat crap.

Make a date with a running partner or gym buddy. When I set a time to meet for a work out I’m way less likely to cancel. I’m excited to chat with others and get my sweat on at the same time. The nice part is you can always learn something new from others and push harder to not give up.

Having childcare my kids enjoy. This makes it easy to leave them for an hour. They have been going to the daycare at our gym for a long time and have built friendships with other children. They look forward to going and having their own time to play with other children.

motivated to workout 2

Kids need their own time too!

Include my children in my workout. On the other side of that I try to encourage a healthy lifestyle with my kids. They love going on daily walks or bike rides to the play ground. We try and go out for a walk after dinner every evening in the warmer months. Sometimes I will take my oldest son on runs and he bikes alongside me. I also have taken all 3 to the track to bike well I do laps pushing the stroller.

motivated to work out 3

We jump for joy when mommy makes time for herself!

So there you have it.

What do you think? Tell me what motivates you to work out. 

Thanks so much Kelly! for me I think almost each and every one of her tips include a bit of reason why I workout…but to be totally honest.  During this first year as a mom (twin mom at that) I workout for my sanity.  I need some ‘me’ time, some sweat time, some no babies time…and for m e right now that is  my 30 minute workout.