Friday Facts August 29, 2014

Fact – I think I am getting used to getting by on 3-4 hours of sleep.  In fact I feel pretty good on 4 hours :)  But boys if you could read this I would sure ask you for 6+ hours of sleep (it doesn’t even have to be continuous boys!)

newborn pictures

Sneak peek from our newborn photo session – more to come soon!!!

Fact - Daniel was out of town all week, so it was me flying solo during the nights…oh my single parents I have a totally new respect for you.  I miss him home with me being daddy!

Dan & Jonah

Such an amazing dad!!!

Thankfully my AWESOME mom came over during the days at times to help me out a bit TONS.

Fact - Our internet is FINALLY back 100% I know I said I would be back blogging full time this week but no internet and no time to hit up Starbucks for free Wi Fi with these boys = not the posts I had planned.  BUT that means good things coming your way next week!

Fact - I am SOOOO thankful for the upcoming 3 day weekend and the fact that Daniel and I have nothing on our calendars but time together as a family – with the move, arrival of twins, etc…it has been lots of time with others and while that is great we need some time just the 4 of us!

Fact - You should all read this post on Dropping the Just - I needed to read this as a new mom BUT I think so many of we women could benefit from Dropping the Just!


Curious – how many hours of sleep do you HAVE TO HAVE to function?

Creating Better Tomorrow Tip – Take time this long holiday weekend to spend time with those you love!  Unplug yourself from the world and truly take a break from laboring!


What to Eat While Nursing Twins

Nursing twins is a lot of hard work!  And trust me when I say finding enough to eat while nursing  two babies is a challenge…combine that with trying to stimulate milk production and you’ve got lots of fun eats going on day to day.  I thought i’d share with you a few of my daily eats on this What I Ate Wednesday (perhaps it should read What Haven’t I Eaten Wednesday – I’m a hunger machine!)

What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday!

Luckily my milk started coming in on day 5 after the boys were born.  Slowly and I won’t lie I stressed (ok still stress about it) BIG time about it, but it seems good things take time as I am getting much more milk now.  I am currently nursing MIcah and pumping and bottle feeding Jonah (we hope to establish a set routine soon, I’m still working on Jonah :) ). All the books say an extra 300-500 calories for a nursing mom, so for me a nursing mom of twins that’s 600-1,000 extra calories a day.  I haven’t counted my calories as of yet, but I make sure to get in a lot of good fat, protein, and other lactation friendly foods. Most nights I’m up every 2 hours or so to feed one of the boys.  So my first meal is actually at like 3 or 4 AM when I realize I’m ravenous and that I probably won’t be getting too much more sleep before they really wake up.  I have been having quest bars a lot – fast, yummy, can eat while I pump or nurse.  I am loving the apple pie (sort of breakfast like right?!?) slightly warmed up in the microwave if I have the time. I love adding in some Honey Roasted Vanilla almonds from Blue Diamond.  UH OH looks like my stash is gone, I cannot begin to tell you how good these things are – just slightly sweet but oh so yummy!

Quest bar

YUMMY in my tummy :) these are deliciousness late at night/early AM

Honey Vanilla Almonds

Uh oh – these are so good AND they are almost gone!

Then around 3 hours later I’ve been having some type of lactation smoothie.  *I’ll be sharing one of these recipes on Jessie Loves to Run soon – I’ll keep you posted* on this particular day I had a ChocoBanana lactation smoothie.  It is full of flax seed, almond butter, oats, brewer’s yeast, and much more but you have to wait for the recipe.  ( I have a few others I love and plan to share as well)

Lactation Smoothie

Smoothie time and baby time – never just one thing at a time :)

Smoothies might become one of my main forms of nutrition with these twins – just so fast and easy to make and eat while nursing twins. Around 10:30 I have ‘lunch’ as it fits into the current schedule quite nicely, just after I nurse them but before the afternoon rush and they usually go back to sleep for a bit around 10:30.  Lunch is usually some sort of protein, this day was my own version of egg salad.  Two boiled eggs, one boiled egg white, chopped zucchini, bit of spices added – my own concoction

Egg salad

My own form of ‘egg salad’

Afternoon snack – my go to is veggies (always from my parent’s garden) and hummus.  I LOVE them mixed with the Honey Roasted Chipotle Almonds from Blue diamond.  Throw some of those almonds on the side and you’ve got a great snack.  *Almonds are found to be great for promoting milk production*

honey chipotle almonds

spicy & sweet = perfect combo

Hummus & veggies

Chickpeas are also thought to promote milk production – here comes hummus!

Dinner on this night was some chicken that I had cooked up earlier in the week with some cauliflower and black beans on the side.  It wasn’t very pretty looking but trust me when nursing twins you don’t care what food looks like you just WANT food :) Oh you thought dinner was the last meal of the night?  :)  Think again this mom is go, go, go and nurse, nurse, nursing. Snack for the night is some fruit mixed with cottage cheese – I was way too hungry to get a picture of this – but trust me it is tasty and nutritious!!! Any other tips for promoting milk production?

 Creating Better Tomorrow Tip – Don’t always worry about what ‘time’ you should eat – listen to your body – if your lunch time is early or late it is up to your body – if you are hungry eat :)  several small meals works best for me!

Disclosure – This post was sponsored in part by Blue Diamond Almonds but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own 

Marvelous Blessings

Hello everyone!!  So glad to be ‘back’ and blogging today.  I have so much to catch you up on but let me just summarize it all to say that we have a life full of marvelous blessings…so I’m linking up today with Katie for Marvelous in My Monday!  

Marvelous in my Monday!

It is MARVELOUS in my Monday!

Marvelous blessing is how fast I’m recovering from my c-section.  I really believe healthy eating and an active pregnancy have helped tremendously.  BUT everyone is different and I had heard some rough recovery stories.  I am SOOO thankful that I”m almost 100% as I can’t imagine taking care of twins at anything less than 100%.

Rolling out of the operating room as a family of four!

Rolling out of the operating room as a family of four!

Marvelous blessing is the fact that EVERY box in our new home is unpacked!!  I have some organizing to do and lots of decorating over the next few months but the fact that EVERY box is unpacked is amazing.  Big thanks to all of Dan’s family and my family for helping with the move!  

New home!!

We absolutely LOVE our new home!

Marvelous blessing is the simple pleasure of taking a few moments to get back to blogging.  I am loving every moment of mommyhood (even the hard, emotional moments) but I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of my routines.  And oh yes – I miss keeping in touch with you all!

Marvelous blessing is being super close to my parents – we are literally less than 10 miles from them…and I have to say they have been lifesavers the past couple of weeks.

Oma with twins

Oma enjoying tummy time with the boys

MOST MARVELOUS pair of blessings! are the two precious angels that we’ve been so amazingly blessed with, I still sometimes have to pinch myself…it seems so surreal that Micah and Jonah are really part of our family :)

Micah and Jonah meeting each other for the first time outside in the big world!

Micah and Jonah meeting each other for the first time outside in the big world!

*apologies for recycled pictures – promise more and better ones coming but we are having some internet connection problems :(  that should be resolved soon!!!

Creating Better Tomorrow Tip – Try writing down 3 blessings in your life each night before you go to bed, you’d be amazed how it can turn a bad day into a good day!