Patience in Prayer

Not long ago, I got real, I got raw, I got vulnerable in sharing my struggles with anxiety & motherhood.  I received so many kind messages, comments, cards, thank you.  Well it has been almost two months and I just had another appoint with my doctor along with a slight meltdown last week.  And I thought…heck there is no holding back here in this space.  I promise you to be real, raw, and vulnerable while sharing my life in hopes that it might provide you with inspiration, support, and motivation as wives, mothers, daughters, spouses, ANYONE.

Patience in Prayer

I won’t lie…lately I’ve been a little frustrated with God.  It seems like I’ve been praying for so many years for ease of anxiety, mental stress, and my eating disorder.  Though the eating disordered thoughts are SOOO much better, when I’m overwhelmed with anxiety and stress they can easily pop up.  I fight the anxiety and I fight the negative self talk.  I fight!  But last week I lost it.  Don’t ask Dan about it 🙂 and in my defense it was that time of the month 😉  and my emotions were out of control.  But last Tuesday I fell asleep sobbing.  Why?  Impatience.  I’ve been soooooo frustrated with what I see as unanswered prayers.  I want my mind to be free and the weight I’m on my shoulders to be lifted.

I want…want…want…isn’t He hearing my prayers?

Patience in prayer

Pray, pray, pray…and know He listens. Even in the hard moments He listens.

As I lie in bed sobbing this past week, Dan hugged me and said, ‘Thank you for not giving up.’  And that one line really hit home to me.  Yes I’m frustrated.  Yes my patience was tested to the limit last week.

But nope I have not nor will I give up.  

Here is the thing with faith…it isn’t easy. A faithful life isn’t sugar coated and it never follows our timeline.  But with persistence and patience faith in God always brings about the best ending.  And reminding myself of this over the past week actually left me excited and encouraged.  I think my life is pretty amazing, have an AWESOME FAMILY, love my AWESOME job teaching fitness, have an AWESOME home.  I have it pretty AWESOME.  Yeah, I struggle with anxiety at this stage of my life but goodness what if God is using it for me to become stronger, make my life even more AWESOME?!?!  And the best part…I know that is exactly what He is doing.

I’ve become more focused on my devotional time.  More focused on my prayer time.  More focused on my time in scripture.  I’m letting the Lord know I’m holding on and never giving up.

So my friends whether you are struggling with anxiety, relationship struggles, physical struggles, financial struggles, LIFE.  Remember this…PRAY, DON’T GIVE UP.


Fun Workout – Deck of Cards

One common complaint I hear from folks is that working out is boring.  They don’t want to walk or run on a treadmill for an hour.  They don’t want to do the same routine day in and day out. Great news you don’t have to and you probably shouldn’t for many reasons (that’s a whole ‘nother post!).  Today I want to bring you this fun workout.  Grab a deck of cards.  Watch this short video and get ready!

Design Your Own Fun Workout

See you can pretend you are playing cards while you workout…ok kind of.  But you get the point here!  Fitness doesn’t have to look like what you might consider traditional exercise routines.  Take it back to basics and just move each day.   Another great design your own workout is the alphabet spell your name workout, check it out too!

Fun Workout - Deck of Cards

Try this with a partner for even more fun workout sweatiness!

I sure hope you enjoy this workout for more bloggers that share fun workouts check out Wild Wednesday Workout!  And don’t forget if you’d like to chat more about fitness to check out my online bootcamps.

A Better Version of Me

I want to thank everyone visiting Sarah’s blog and reading my guest entry.  Sarah and I talked about what I should write and I thought today….today I’m going to confession right here on Sarah’s blog!  Her blog site is “Creating Better Tomorrow” and that is what I have done for myself over the past year.  I’ve kept a large secret that’s made me a better version of me, yet a smaller me.  I’m hoping that by writing this post you will keep an open-mind.  Maybe it will help someone make an informed decision for themselves and inspire them to look beyond the scope of what they have into what they could have!

I had always been very athletic growing up and in college I ran frequently, played softball, and continued to dance.  Would I say that I was ever a tiny person? Nope.  I have always had a very feminine figure, sometimes I hated it, sometimes I didn’t.  When I left college and started to gain a significant amount of weight both myself and my doctors became concerned.  After a battery of tests, I was diagnosed with PCOS.  It affects your hormones, endocrine system, and reproductive system.  And of course, I had symptoms in all of those areas – lucky me!  I’ll leave PCOS to another post because I could go on forever, but in 2014 after seeing how much weight I had gained, even while trying to exercise and diet, things just weren’t working.

I had never looked or felt like this before, I wasn’t myself and I didn’t like it.  I spoke with my doctor and made the HUGE decision to have bariatric surgery.  I have told very few people in my life this.

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Interval Training

As a busy mom I  ALWAYS look for efficient ways to get things done!  That is no different when it comes to my workouts…I want efficient and effective.  Interval training gets straight to the point.  Effective, efficient, and easy to do anywhere!

Sprint intervals are one workout that my bootcampers see each week with good reason too!  High intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts are terrific for your body for burning calories and building muscle. So good for you in fact that they continue to burn fat and keep your body working AFTER you stop exercising.

Interval Training

Don’t forget! Your sprint doesn’t have to be a world record run…just move your fastest!

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Making Childhood Memories That Last

We live just five minutes from my parents’ house.  It seems I drive past the home I grew up in almost daily.  Until recently I never realized all the childhood memories that came back to my mind just driving by that special home.  Perhaps it’s the fact the my boys are growing up way too fast or perhaps it’s the fact that we spend a lot of time at grandma and grandpa’s house in the summer (they have a pool 😉 ).  Who knows…but it got me thinking about childhood memories.

Making Childhood Memories That Last

Making childhood memories that last

I want my children to carry these memories FOREVER

When I found out I was expecting the boys I started planning that very moment for all the fun things we would do together.  Daily walks, trips to the park, crafts, library story time, baking cookies together, the list is endless.  I’m serious I started getting excited about all those memory making moments from day one.  And I was even more excited to experience it all with twins.  With two I could double the memories at the same time!

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