Be Radiantly You!

Throughout my pregnancy I’ve come to love myself a bit more.  My body is doing amazing, miraculous things every day!  I’ve learned to shine a bit brighter and as the old saying goes I feel I have that ‘pregnancy glow’ (most days ;) ).  Even with the extra love and appreciation I’ve found for myself I still have to go a few extra steps to feel beautiful these days.

A couple of weeks a go a fellow Hoosier mom, Marla, reached out to me.  She had recently begun using and distributing Radiantly You products.  Marla was curious if I’d be interested in trying the products.  Now I am all for beauty products, but these days I’ve been focusing more on making sure my daily life contains less chemicals and cleaner ingredients.  Marla had me covered.  All of Radiantly You products are truly natural.  One of the company’s biggest focuses is that ‘Naturally Truly Means Natural.’ This means that none of their products will ever contain sulfates, parabens, GMOs, or gluten.  So after checking about the ingredients then I wanted to know if these products were something all of my audience could afford – ding, ding, ding – these products are all reasonably priced!!!  (In my opinion much less than other natural products).

So with all that research under my belt, I told Marla to send me a few products.  Oh my goodness I loved them all.  She sent me three of her favorites, which included:

Mango Coconut Whipped Body Butter:  This stuff rocks!  It is like putting pure coconut butter on your skin the whipped creaminess melts on contact and you just know it is working.  And a little goes a LONG way!
Sweet Orange Soap Bar:  This soap bar looks really cool as it has chunks of orange peel throughout to exfoliate your skin as you use it. It smells delicious :)  and keeps your skin extra smooth as they chose to leave the glycerin in the soap (when most companies strip soap of its natural glycerin) to ensure moisturizing and healing benefits.

sweet orange soap

Citrus Sugar Scrub:  I’d say the body butter is my favorite TIED with this scrub – I didn’t even think to snap a picture of it – I saw it and had to use it.  Using scrubs on m
y growing belly feels so good!!  That skin can get a bit itchy so using a scrub then the butter was like the ultimate treat!!

Now I haven’t linked up with Becky for a Treat Yourself Tuesday but these products definitely deserve a link up.  They are a TREAT!  And made me feel RADIANTLY refreshed and extra beautiful!  I highly recommend them (I was so sad when my scrub ran out :( ).  Whenever I can combine natural, chemical free with treating myself to feeling beautiful I feel so lucky!

treat yourself

If you are interested in learning more or checking these products out, visit Marla’s website here.

*Disclaimer:  I was given the products to try out by Marla for free.  However, as ALWAYS, thoughts and opinions are totally mine!

What is something you do to make yourself feel radiantly beautiful?

Pregnancy Nesting for Mom and Dad is REAL

Oh my, as I was thinking about what to write for this post I wanted to recap our Easter weekend.  I said to Dan, ‘We just didn’t do anything really exciting or blog worthy.’ He agreed saying, ‘Just stuff around the house.’  That is when it hit me…all we’ve been doing the past few weekends is NESTING!

Now before I was pregnant I thought this was a ‘made up’ phrase that pregnant folks came up with as an excuse for getting the hubby to work around the house.  But this weekend, I realized I think nesting doesn’t just happen in the expectant mom but in the expectant dad too.

You might remember we started I guess with the pantry project, then the bathroom closet project.  This weekend we took EVERY single item out of our kitchen cabinets.  Cleaned inside the cabinets and drawers.  Purged items we have never/nor would we likely ever use.  Rearranged!  And found empty space for ‘baby stuff’ in 2 areas!!!  I would have pictures but Dan started in on the kitchen while I was making him breakfast just a bit after waking up.  And he led the project (this man rocks at nesting!).

Ok not THIS kind of nesting - but it is appropriate for Spring :)

Ok not THIS kind of nesting – but it is appropriate for Spring :)

Then you might think, okay, they are almost finished going through all the rooms in the house – never fear the nesting has now gone outside.  We are bound and determined to get all the flower beds ready and planted, vegetables planted, repairs made before the boys arrive.  So the past two weekends that has meant non stop weeding, raking, flower prep work, and seed planting :)  (Our local Lowe’s REALLY likes us between the paint, repairs, and lawn supplies).

There is still more left to do as Dan pointed out we could finish the pinterest wall decor in the family room before they arrive, redo the living room wall art decor, and try to organize the desk system and paperwork.  Hmm, these nesting hormones are not just female folks!  And I don’t think it is just him acting in sympathy for me ;)  Whatever it is I think it is absolutely Marvelous in my Monday that nesting in our house is both a problem for mom and for dad!

Marvelous in my Monday!

Moms and Moms to be out there – did you nest?  What was your favorite nesting project?

Fun Facts Friday April 18, 2014

1.  I really don’t care for expensive medical bills, insurance, or dealing with billing people.  3-D ultrasounds for high risk pregnancies are NOT optional folks and you’d think insurance would cover more than 5% of a HUGE bill…rant might be over for now,  but know that Dan has heard a lot about my HATRED of insurance and the stupid broken health care system lately.

2.  My mom made Daniel and I Easter baskets :)  She filled them with roasted sugar nuts (finding out the twins REALLY like these, AKA they will all be gone before Monday), chewing gum, oranges, peanut butter balls, and a few fun toys.

smile friday

3.  Reality is starting to hit (not only with baby as I mentioned yesterday) but with leaving my job at the end of May as well.  They have interviewed candidates, found a good fit, and are moving forward.  I am trying to plan out my schedule to use up all of my vacation…just at one month left…wow so real!

4.  I’ve been LOVING my lunches this week.  I made a few batches of egg salad (Easter appropriate right?) for lunch at work.  I threw in 2 boiled eggs, 1 boiled egg white, chopped up tomato, chopped cucumber, and a dollop of guacamole…I’m telling you try it!  Healthy fats, veggies, and light on the tummy as I fill up pretty quickly these days!

5.  Hopefully I told you (maybe I didn’t!) but Daniel and I are trying to read the entire New Testament from the Bible out loud to the twins before they arrive.  Last night just after posting my post about reality setting in, I read this passage that I thought might comfort some of you worriers out there too.

Philippians 4

4 Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! 5 Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. 6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

I tend not to ‘worry’ God with my ‘small’ daily burdens, but He tells us to bring it ALL to Him in prayer.  Just what I needed to read last night – love that He always knows what I need.

What is your favorite Bible verse to reflect on when you have worries?