Nap Time Workout

Before I had the twins and even now people will say, sleep when baby sleeps…well if I could get both babies to sleep at the same time ;)  I might…but I actually get sooo much done when babies sleep.  Don’t get me wrong, rest is very key and yes all moms need to listen to their bodies.  But I also think nap times can present a great opportunity to sneak in a quick workout.

On the days when the boys are on the same schedule (hallelujah!) their naps are usually shorter around 30 minutes.  Now I get my workouts in using my at home DVDs, I start 21 Day Fix Extreme this week!!!  But I thought I’d give all you moms a nap time workout circuit that would get your heart pumping in just 30 minutes.  Give it a try!  Remember even a little movement every day adds up to make a big difference in your health.

Go try it out! And make today a MARVELOUS DAY!

nap time workout

30 minutes – no problem you can fit fitness in!

Join Me!

I know I don’t normally pop in on Saturdays but just for a quick moment I want to invite you to join me!  But HURRY as there are only a few more spots left in this group and I am super excited for us all to start on March 23rd…let’s kick this nasty winter weather out and welcome Spring in with a healthier, happier body!

Contact me today

Contact me today!!

Contact me today!!

Friday Facts February 27, 2015

Fact - I hope that every tooth in the twins’ mouths come in and SOON – oh my goodness…I know some babies don’t have any trouble with teething but these boys sure do (times two of course)…and I need just one full night of sleep, just one :)

Fact – Did you see my exciting announcement on Facebook?  I am going to begin teaching Insanity (and perhaps a few other!) classes at the Shelby County Athletic Club.  My class to start off will be Fridays at 10 AM starting next Friday.  If you haven’t been to the SCAC you should DEFINITELY check it out…they have the main club AND  a 24 hour center…the membership is a steal for all you get!  If you are interested in trying any classes or the club out let me know – I have guest passes!


Come to my class!

Fact - The boys had their first nursery experiences this week.  Won’t lie mom was probably more nervous about the whole thing than anyone.  They did great in the Kids Club (another perk of SCAC) and then again they went to the nursery for MOPS yesterday.  I can’t lie it was nice to have them in the nursery for MOPS and for my training at the gym.  Love those little boogers to pieces but this week has been a rough one on the mom front!

Fact - I have an AMAZING group of moms in my Mommy Me Time Challenge group!  AND I have another group starting up on March 9th – not too late to join in – the March 9th group is for any and everyone not just moms!

Fact - I am pooped – did I mention it has been a rough one on the mom front?  Moms truly should be able to put in for vacation days every now and then, don’t you think?

Have you ever taken an Insanity Live Class?  Will you be coming to my first class? Any other moms have tips for teething?