June 2016 Bootcamp

Ok – stop the presses how is it already May?  That means my sweet boys will be two years old in three months (AHHHH!!!).  Back to task though before I start gushing over how time flies.  I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I’d be starting another round of my online bootcamps!  I’m back with all the details.

Sign up today for a month of sweaty fun!

Sign up today for a month of sweaty fun!

The start date will be June 1st.  Registration opens TODAY!!  And all clients must be paid and forms submitted before May 25th!  So that means you have 5/4/16 through 5/25/16 to get signed up and grab a friend to join.  The cost $27.95.

I’m sure you want to know what you get for that $27.95.  Well I am here to tell you!

You get 30 days of me!  30 days of accountability and motivation emails and text messages.  A total of 20 workouts – you get 5 workouts a week, you choose 1 free day of your choice, and 1 rest day a week.  I will send you these workouts in advance so you can plan accordingly.  All the workouts will range from 20-45 minutes in length.  No crazy equipment will be needed.  At most you will need a light and a medium to heavy set of dumbbells.  That’s it!

I am so excited and already have a list of people ready to go and get sweaty alongside me.  This program will be ideal for those of all fitness levels.  I will provide modifications as needed.

Please let me know any questions you might have!  I would love to have you #creatingbetter fitness, health, and confidence this June!  Contact me if you are ready to get started.

Boredom Blaster Workout

I don’t know about you but this time of year all I want to do is GET OUTSIDE!  And so do the boys…so I often find myself wanting to take my workout outside and that means sometimes the boys get the entertainment of my sweat drips.  I put together this boredom blaster workout for EVERYONE.


Boredom Buster Workout

No boredom BUT lots of sweat!

STOP right there if you are saying, i can’t do that!  YES YOU CAN.  Let me talk (or maybe type?) you through it.  So if it says jog you don’t have to jog…what I want you to do is warm up for 5 minutes….so you move at a medium pace.  Then I know what you are thinking, Sarah, I see the word sprint in there….I don’t sprint.  Sprint merely means move as fast as you can for that 1 minute.  For some that might me a 9 mph speed for some that might mean speed walking.  Adapt this workout to meet YOUR needs and YOUR abilities!  Think you can’t do pushups?  WRONG  you can!  You can always modify by dropping to your knees or even using a wall for more support (I included a quick video for you, click the link!)

Boredom Blaster Workout

With the constant changes from running to body weight exercise this boredom buster workout if sure to keep you on your toes and leave you feeling great!  I encourage you to get outside and do this workout but easily done on a treadmill too.  I promise none of your neighbors will think you are crazy, and really if they do who cares!

But perhaps my FAVORITE part of this workout is the fact that everyone can participate.  When I first started teaching my HIIT Cardio group fitness class MANY participants came and left terrified after seeing a few minutes of class.  The thing with fitness is from the outside looking in it can often be scary and intimidating.

You see a gal all decked out in fancy workout clothes and you have on a baggy high school tshirt – forget it! Those fancy workout clothes don’t make her any more important than you!

You see a fitness class where everyone knows the moves – forget it!  They’ve been doing that same class routine for 6 weeks!

You see a runner outside going super speed – forget it!  They one day started right where you are…

You see this workout and are intimidated – forget it!  Make fitness and health work for you.  Modify and don’t be ashamed!  I have class members from 20 years old – 70 years old in my classes and they ALL ROCK IT.  I don’t care how slow you go, I don’t care how much you modify, I do care that you try your hardest.

So with that get to this boredom blaster workout!  Tag me in your social media shares if you snap a picture while you sweat it out!  And if you are looking for more workout ideas check out Wild Workout Wednesday





Drinking Diet Coke is Healthy

I’m going to bet you read this title , Drinking Diet Coke is Healthy, and thought has Sarah gone off her rocker?!?!  Well, hold up before you stop reading I think you may appreciate this post if you read through.

I’m sure in the past I’ve written a post about swearing off soda.  How swearing off soda – diet or regular- is one of the BEST things you can do for your health.  And while I do wholeheartedly agree that soda is NOT HEALTHY FOR YOU WHEN REGULARLY CONSUMED, I do believe treating yourself can be an amazing mentally and emotionally healthy thing to do.

Let me give you a little background.  I cut out soda cold turkey I’m not sure when and truly I didn’t miss it.  Then when I was pregnant wouldn’t you know all I wanted was a diet coke like every other week….the amazing fountain drink kind with the crushed ice out of the stirofoam cup….you know what I’m talking about, right?

Drinking Diet Coke is Healthy

I often times would have Dan drive me to get one and he’d get an ice cream cone while I the pregnant lady truly only craved the diet coke.  Then once the boys were here I really didn’t want them so I didn’t have them.  One week I was having one of ‘those’ weeks as a mom, you know where no one is happy, no food is the right food, no naps happening, and I thought I need to treat myself for surviving this week with our house still standing and everyone still alive.  Some moms might have said I’ll have a couple glasses of wine and I thought about that, but it didn’t sound appealing (hey, I’m too tired as a twin mom, if I drank two glasses of wine I would pass out on the couch).  Then it hit me, what sounded the most amazing to me on that Friday afternoon was a fountain diet coke.

Diet Coke is healthy

Forget what the ‘rules’ say when it comes to your health, focus on YOU

I called Dan and asked him if he’d bring me the smallest size diet coke from the local gas station on his way home.  That started a weekly self care act that many would argue is unhealthy.  Dan stops every Friday and gets me the 20 ounce diet coke with just a bit of crushed ice.  I wish you could see me drink this thing, I savor each sip and it truly is a little break from it all for me.

Are you getting where I’m going here?  Often times when on this healthy living journey we can swear off drinks, food groups, food types and then we find our souls and minds yearning for them.  I’m here to argue that the mental anguish we put ourselves through when we fight and deny what we truly want is more unhealthy than just indulging once and awhile on whatever it is that nourishes your body and mind.  For me that diet coke is like some bit of relaxation, some bit of enjoyment, some bit of wonderfulness for a hard week at work.  I know a former me that would feel oh so bad about drinking that chemical laden, fake colored soda and yes I can recite to you many of the terrible things about diet sodas BUT sometimes we need to look beyond the scientific research studies and forget the latest google article we read about cancer causing foods….and just savor and enjoy this life.  However, the day will come when I won’t want that diet coke…I’ll want something totally different and perhaps totally healthy…and the beauty of just listening to what you want is…I’ll have whatever that is.

So for me every Friday night I get a 20 ounce diet coke and have a bag of homemade popcorn (slightly burnt, trust me you want to try the slightly burnt method) and sit on the couch and watch a movie with Dan….it’s the little things in life!


What is one self care act you routinely do?  What’s one guilty pleasure?

Life Was Flying By

Why hello there?!?  Did you think you’d ever see me again? Well, I’m back!

To be quite honest maybe there is no one on the other end of the screen reading this…and perhaps that’s part of the mindset shift I’ve had over the past 4-5 months off of blogging and social media…I DON’T CARE.

I care that I enjoy writing, I care that I enjoy motivating others, I enjoy thinking that perhaps one day the words I type may help someone out there, I appreciate that these words capture the moments when life flies by.

Life was flying by

Stop letting your life fly by without fully living it!

Four months ago I woke up one morning and realized life was flying by with me typing at a computer, me scheduling posts, me commenting on other bloggers posts (many posts which I didn’t want to read just commented to ‘network’, bloggers you get me!), me taking pictures and designing instagram posts, me designing training programs for clients….me, me, me.

Life Was Flying By

Do you see what wasn’t involved in that whole equation?  The one thing in my head I’d always said was most important….my faith and my family, oh and wait not even really me, me….just work me, no relaxation, no hobbies, no enjoyment.

I always have been and hope to not always be a perfectionist….and when I started to really focus on my blogging and my online business I wanted complete and 110% success.  If you don’t blog or run your own business you may not know what that entails, and I won’t bore you with the details BUT I will tell you a post doesn’t take long for me to write but then the promoting, the social sharing, the emails, the design and images, the technical stuff, the SEO optimization….I’d easily spend 2 hours a day on that ‘stuff’ and then I’d work on client work for my online training programs  I’d even tried taking a break once before from blogging and promised I”d just give you a couple posts a week.

Guess What?!?!  The perfectionists, go getter in me couldn’t do it….I had to cut it cold turkey. Hear me when I say this….quitting was the best thing I have done.  It was amazing the stress lifted off my shoulders, the relaxation it brought to my mind and our home.  So why am I back?

Simple, I truly do love connecting with friends, family, those near and far through my blog.  I truly do love inspiring and motivating others.  I truly do love sharing my struggles and triumphs as you have no idea how much it helps me.

So what is next?  Part of my mindset shift was embracing that perhaps I don’t have to perfectly stick to a plan (crazy, right?!?)…I’m not promising X amount of posts a week, I’m not promising X amount of recipes a week, I’m not even promising X amount of ANYTHING EVER…I’m promising that I will be back when I can as often as I can when inspired.  And if you don’t ( you should 😉 ) follow me on social media I am back on instagram and facebook and loving it again….I hope to share how I now use social media, I’ve definitely changed my ways!

And in terms of my online fitness programs I WILL BE BACK….YES YES YES…I hope to have my new program up and going June 1st!  Look for more information….if you know you are interested and want to be first to know details, contact me here!

Ebook for Entrepreneurs

I have had the awesome opportunity to work with Book Delight Blog Tours.  I love to read!  I’m so excited because recently the boys have REALLY loved reading.  We’ve taken a few trips to the library and we have come home with so many fun books.  Just like a library trip the Book Delight Tours have provided me with the chance to read a few good books lately.  I just finished reading The Miracle Entrepreneur.  This book really called out to me as I pursue my online training business and who knows what other journeys will come about in the next few years.
I was selected as one of the lucky few to interview the author!  How fun is that?!?!  This book was terrific and I LOVED how Ramona included many scripture references throughout her writing.  Ramona did a terrific job throughout her book of bringing back the focus of all our business goals to HIM!  I hope you will take a few moments to go look into her book if you have any entrepreneurial goals or dreams…it will be worth your time to read!  and enjoy her interview below!

Ebook for Entrepreneurs

Ebook for Entrepreneurs www.creatingbettertomorrow.com

Many start-up entrepreneurs believe they need thousands of dollars to start their businesses. That is not true

1. Can you give us all a bit of background about yourself?  What led you to where you are today?
I have been an inspirational entrepreneur for over 30 years.  Most of my businesses I started were with little or no money.  My businesses were designed to help others be better, look better or feel better. For ex. I started a singing message service, before it became big, to make people happy.  I had my own skin care line to help women feel like queens; and most recently, the last 15 years, I was a recruiter with my own staffing firm. 
I’ve coached many individuals on achieving success via the workplace and/or starting their own businesses; for example, Mary loves playing the piano.  She did not think anyone would pay her to play the piano.  She was playing for FREE for a large broadcast company. We structured a contract and asked for $100.00/HR.  She balked about doing the contract, but we did it and she got it!  Now, she charging that and more; whereas, before she was getting NOTHING; now, she has an entire business around playing the piano.
2.  I loved reading your ebook!  One of my favorite parts was the inclusion of scripture throughout the book.  How does your faith play into your own entrepreneurial endeavors?
I share my faith by inspiring others to live their dreams and using God’s word as a foundation.  God is not something we entertain on Sundays or when we are in trouble; our faith affects every area of our lives – including our incomes.
God wants to be a part of EVERYTHING!! Oftentimes, my ideas do not come from me, they are inspired by God.  Instead of being fearful – we should trust God more. It can be a game changer; especially, if you’re  living paycheck-to-paycheck.  You can have incredible wealth (spiritually, financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally) by stepping out on faith. Faith and obedience is the key to having it all.
Most importantly, I want others to have other options, a Plan B, should they no longer have the income from their jobs or other sources.
3.  As an online blogger, wellness coach, and online trainer…I am definitely trying to keep all my ‘business’ endeavors in check with my #1 job as wife and mom.  What is your #1 tip for work at home moms for keeping it all in ‘balance?
I am glad you asked.  I raised three children as a stay-at-home mom, in their formative years.  My most invaluable advice to any mom and wife is to take time for yourself and pray about everything.  I received so much wisdom and favor from starting and committing my day to God; my children and husband were blessed because of it.  Although, my children are grown they are still blessed because of that time.
4.   I’d love to know why you wrote this book…there are SO many work from home, personal development type books…what were you looking to specifically fill in that space with your ebook?
Actually, I used to do Entrepreneur bootcamps;  I met a lot of women who wanted to start a business, but they were unsure whether or not to do it.  I was a business consultant with the SBDC as a student; I worked with the Chamber of Commerce to help small businesses. I helped small businesses to strategize, plan, and/or grow their businesses. I love working with business owners.  I love taking ideas and translating them into working models. Being a third generation entrepreneur, it is what I enjoy.
I agree, there are a lot of books and people doing the same thing. The difference is that I do it from a space of inspiring others to live from their God-given purpose.  Yes, there are a lot of ways to make money, but I’ve found that people who live from purpose are the most happiest and fulfilled.  My purpose is to help others find their purpose; to use it and bless others.
I did the bootcamps to help make the decision process easier.  I wanted others to know that they are not alone.  Help is always available.  I just translated the information into a workbook.
5.  Is there any last tip you’d want to share with my readers? And where can my readers find you and more information on your book and your services?
The Miracle Entrepreneur workbook can be found on www.BooksbyRamonaClay.com; Also, I am available for speaking, coaching and/or workshops.  I can be contacted at ramonaclay@outlook.com; Also, those who purchase the book will get a 30 minute coaching session for FREE.  My next book, The Job Makeover will be out by the end of the year.
Disclosure:  I was provided a copy of Ramona’s ebook and compensation for this post.  However, never fear!  All thoughts and opinions are 110% my own.