Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

Time for another guest post from a friend that truly motivates and inspires me and many others.  Jenny and I are much different in our personalities BUT her no nonsense kick butt attitude, well I secretly love it and I’m so glad she is sharing a post today.  If you live in IN – you MUST go try out her gym…that no nonsense attitude I spoke of, yeah, imagine that in a gym…enjoy!

I have to admit, it’s taken me this long to uncover something that I truly believe could save you days, months, or even years if you learn now. It’s something that was happening to me, through my own journey, and even to those I was inspiring on their own journeys, but it’s taken me nearly 5 years to grasp the reality of it.

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

My story begins in May of 2010, when I was in the midst of a 2 year battle with chronic daily migraine, living in a state of constant pain, brain fog, and negativity. My husband and I had been married for nearly 4 years, half of which I’d spent complaining of a headache and/or not fully being myself. Our Friday evenings after the 9 to 5 consisted of readying myself for date night, venturing out for a nice dinner to talk about our week, and then making a last stop at the Urgent Care (always just in the nick of time before they closed at 8pm) before heading home to be carried to bed for the remainder of the weekend.

So believe me when I say I came from a dark, scary place.

Fast forward through Botox for migraine, anti-seizure IV infusions, anti-seizure preventative medications, various cocktails of painkillers, and even nerve blocks and eventually, 4 nerve ablation surgeries, and what you saw was a very weak person that was only half of her real self.

I had gained around 30 pounds sitting in my desk job and spending weekends in bed, hardly active and eating whatever I wished, as eating was the only thing that kept my mind preoccupied for minutes at a time. My husband, of course, packed on around the same amount of weight, and we began a downward spiral, while only in our 20’s, into the land of boring, pain-ridden adult life.


How had we gotten here? Were we happy in our jobs? With each other? Why did it have to be me who was burdened with chronic pain? In my head of all places? My creative zone, my thinking organ, my attitude container?

It wasn’t fair. What was happening to me simply. Wasn’t. fair.

So what was my turning point?

It came on a spring day when I opened an email from a neighbor about something to do with a neighborhood party, and I noticed her tagline said, “Ask me about the healthiest meal of the day!” There was a website link associated with it, but I didn’t click on it. Instead, I walked up to her house that afternoon and asked her to tell me more about this whatever-it-was that was supposed to be the healthiest meal of the day. You could say, after years of acting as a medicinal guinea pig, I was interested in something quite the opposite of traditional medicine but what I now believe to be true medicine… nutrition.

Perhaps this is what my body needed to feel better.

My neighbor told me all about Shakeology, this amazing superfood, nutrient-dense shake that was intended to help you lose weight, get regular, and increase energy and mental focus. She then mentioned it was created by the same makers of P90X, and it was then that I was sold.

Chris, my husband, had been mentioning P90X for some time. We’d checked out the website but never pulled the trigger.

This particular day, when the seasons were changing and the air was clear blue and smelled of blooming possibilities, I pulled the trigger. I purchased both Shakeology and P90X and remember telling a dear friend of mine, “I’ve decided… If I’m going to be in pain every day, I might as well find a distraction from the pain that helps me get better. If my head is going to hurt, why does my body have to hurt?”

I wanted to get in great shape, as I had been years ago, and this was my starting point.


Change Your Mindset

You know where I’m going with the rest of the story, don’t you? There’s likely no point in spelling out the results of the 90-day journey that strengthened my resilience, strengthened our marriage, and strengthened our bodies, right? Because you already know. You know this because you just read a very powerful word that changed the course of my story: decided.

I decided to shift course.

I decided to take a leap of faith.

I decided to not accept excuses.

I decided I was changing my life.

Fast forward to 4+ years later, and I’ve Coached over 1,000 people to better health and fitness. Making that decision in 2010 led me to leaving my full-time job to pursue inspiring others to believe in themselves, and to now leading a Team of amazing Coaches who expand our reach daily and make a difference for people by holding them accountable to their goals. To their plan. To their decision.

So many times, we hear great stories of people who have overcome crazy obstacles, who have faced adversity and changed themselves for the better, and who we are simply in awe of for accomplishing such great success.

Yet often, while our jaw drops at the sound of another person’s success story, what occurs in our mind is, “That would be so impossible for me.”

You see, we’ve created our own definition for what’s possible, and what’s impossible, and through this self-created definition, we’ve limited ourselves to a certain level of success. We’ve created our own glass ceiling, and dug our own hole of setbacks.

What if we changed our self-talk? What if we opted to truly change the trajectory of our own story? What if we redefined what’s possible for us?

Imagine the potential, all because of one big, powerful decision to change our mindset. Because, you see, that’s all it is.

The effort? The pressing Play each day?

The time? The prioritization?

The motivation?

That stuff’s easy. That stuff comes after the decision to change our mindset.

As a personal trainer and gym owner, I know right off the bat when I meet someone whether or not they’re going to have a full body transformation or not. I know, simply by talking with them for 5 minutes, whether they’re going to have an amazing Before and After photo on my wall of success, or if they’re going to drop off within the first 30 days. I know this not because of their looks, or their budget, or their time commitment and availability… I know it because of their mindset.

Jason walked into RevolutionX Studio and told me he’d had enough. “I want to change,” he said, “because my family needs me to.” He wanted to ride a roller coaster for the first time with his kids, and hadn’t been able to in the past due to his size. I knew on Day 1 of meeting Jason that he was going to ride that roller coaster, and he did.

Kendra walked into RevolutionX Studio and told me she was worried about how much time she’d be able to commit to exercise, and whether she’d make it every day to class. She complained of food weaknesses, and overall physical ability. Kendra didn’t make it through 90 days with me.

The only difference between Kendra and Jason… between you and the potential you… is the way you think. My challenge for you is to make that decision. Make the decision that NO MATTER WHAT, you’re doing this.

Because you deserve it.

Because you’re worth it.

Because you have people who love you who are counting on it.

Because you can.

Because you won’t stop until you do.

It’s time we redefine possible and set the world on fire with our decision to make it happen.

Yours in Health & Fitness, 

Jenny Swisher 

Owner, RevolutionX Studio, LLC

Star Diamond Beachbody Coach

You can check out more of Jenny’s story and motivational writing over at or by reaching out via email:


Nap Time Workout

Before I had the twins and even now people will say, sleep when baby sleeps…well if I could get both babies to sleep at the same time ;)  I might…but I actually get sooo much done when babies sleep.  Don’t get me wrong, rest is very key and yes all moms need to listen to their bodies.  But I also think nap times can present a great opportunity to sneak in a quick workout.

On the days when the boys are on the same schedule (hallelujah!) their naps are usually shorter around 30 minutes.  Now I get my workouts in using my at home DVDs, I start 21 Day Fix Extreme this week!!!  But I thought I’d give all you moms a nap time workout circuit that would get your heart pumping in just 30 minutes.  Give it a try!  Remember even a little movement every day adds up to make a big difference in your health.

Go try it out! And make today a MARVELOUS DAY!

nap time workout

30 minutes – no problem you can fit fitness in!

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I know I don’t normally pop in on Saturdays but just for a quick moment I want to invite you to join me!  But HURRY as there are only a few more spots left in this group and I am super excited for us all to start on March 23rd…let’s kick this nasty winter weather out and welcome Spring in with a healthier, happier body!

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