Friday Facts August 1, 2014

Fact - I NEVER thought I’d be writing to tell you we will be having August babies…oh my goodness here I thought July would be packed with my birthday, our anniversary, and twins’ birthdays…nope :)

Fact - We closed on our new house yesterday and get possession on Monday, the same Monday that we are set to have our twins.  A house and babies in the same day, no big deal!

Fact - I have a few more Monday guest posts lined up and sure hope you enjoy them.  I will do my best to pop in over the next week or two but also know that I will be savoring EVERY moment of being a new mommy, don’t you worry I WILL BE BACK!

Fact - Before I’m back to the blog I’m betting I’ll be back on Instagram filling it with pictures of the most handsome boys around so make sure you are following me!  I’d also love to follow YOU on instagram so make sure you leave your ‘name’ below and I’ll look you up.

Fact - Not only was I crazy enough to ‘pop’ my leg for a photo shoot the other night :)  but I was CRAZY enough to go to Victoria’s Secret yesterday.  I always get the little voucher for some free undies, who cares if I’m 9 months pregnant and about to pop – I waddled my way through the mall and got my free pair.  I’m pretty sure all the gals working thought I was nuts!

Fact - I made my own batch of almond butter yesterday using my Ninja food processor.  Now I’ve made it before but guys…yesterday’s batch was out of this world!  I let the processor work a bit longer and it is the creamiest, most amazing stuff ever (I just have to put it away and step back from the jar ha ha).  You should totally try making your own – so much healthier and cheaper (I promise not hard!)

Have you ever tried to make your own nut butter?  What is your favorite nut butter?  I’m stuck on almond butter right now, but LOVE cashew butter too!

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Pregnant with Twins – 37 weeks

Pregnant with twins…likely the LAST time I will get to type that in an update (I hope and pray I didn’t just jinx us right there!).  37 weeks and 4 days as of this morning HOLY COW!

Pregnant with twins at 37 weeks!

Pregnant with twins at 37 weeks!

Pregnant with Twins – 37 weeks

Best moment this week:  Realizing this is the LAST week I will be giving you all an update on our pregnancy and from this point forward it will be Balanced Mom updates…oh my it is enough to make me tear up.  I have never been more excited to meet someone (ok two someones) in my ENTIRE life! We had an appt this past Tuesday and the doctor said they would induce (or C section, kind of up to me at this point, yikes!) you on Monday I couldn’t have been more excited just to get this show on the road.  So Monday/Tuesday is THE action day!

Movement:  Still a going to town in there playing like brothers do…however, I’d say they are slowing down and not so ‘kicky’ but more just ‘movey’ like…I know that isn’t the best description but if I could imagine what it is like in my big ole belly I’m betting they are just plum out of room to kick too hard :)

Food Cravings:  Nothing in particular, they have definitely dropped some so I can eat almost a full meal without discomfort which is super duper nice.  Anything cold (well after breakfast I’m stuck on egg white oats for breakfast) sounds good, I love eating frozen fruit, chomping on ice, and salads…I did randomly want Subway the other day, strange!

Sleep:  Not terrible for this stage in the game.  Bathroom breaks happen so often that they are almost normal to me now (who knew we should have stocked up on even MORE toilet paper at Costco our last trip!).  Just getting NERVOUS for the big day and realizing, oh no I actually have to get them out of there…it seems so surreal at times.  Oh and trying to roll over or get up – well you try holding a 20 lb ball in your stomach and roll around – not fun!

Wedding rings on or off?  On

Happy or moody:  Happy..other than one melt down as we were going to bed, yep all out tears kind of break down, I’ve been happy happy happy!  I mean who gets a new ‘forever’ house and twins in the same week, I’m one blessed gal.

That all being said I plan to be back with a final post tomorrow before the ‘big’ day – please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers for healthy happy mom and babies!

Words from Grandma

Hi! This is Denise, otherwise known as “Sarah’s mom” and soon to be Grandma, Nanna, Mammie, Mamaw, or my personal favorite “Oma which is German for Grandma!! Since Mike and I both have German heritage backgrounds, it just makes sense, right? Honestly, I really don’t care what Baby A and Baby B (I call them Abe and Ben since Sarah and Dan are keeping those names top secret!) will call me in the future, I’m just thrilled beyond belief and feel so very blessed in so many ways every single day of my life!

Throughout Sarah’s pregnancy, I obviously have thought about how fast time flies! It seems as if just yesterday Sarah and brother Paul were just babies themselves. I have contemplated many times on the type of mother I was when I first ventured into motherhood in 1985 and again in 1987.

Me holding Sarah the first day she was born!

Me holding Sarah the first day she was born!

Me holding Paul the day he was born!

Me holding Paul the day he was born!

Was I good? Would I do anything different if there were “do-overs” in motherhood? Just exactly what would I change if anything?

First and foremost, I could NEVER, EVER change my everlasting love for my children…’s the very stongest bond one can ever have in a lifetime. Do overs? Well, of course! I feel certain that most every mom can always remember situations that she probably didn’t handle in the best manner, or things she said and wished she had never said, etc. However, we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t make mistakes (and learn from them!) That’s why being an Oma” is going to be so much fun…..we have experience, but mistakes will still be made and we will still be learning from them….that’s just the way God made us! If I could go back and improve upon “mothering” I would sum it up in one word “PATIENCE”. Anyone who knows me, knows that patience has never been one of my virtues, but I have definitely improved upon it throughout my lifetime and hope to continue on that path in the years ahead with Baby A and Baby B.

When I was expecting Sarah, one of my friends sent me a poem that I think will provide great advice and wisdom to Sarah and other mom’s out there – remember babies are only here for a short time, everything else can wait!  I never could find the author but loved it so much so I will leave you all with it today and thank you all for your continued, love, support, and prayers in the past as well as in the future for Sarah and family.

Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow

for babies grow up we’ve learned to our sorrow…

so quiet down cobwebs…

dust go to sleep…

I‘m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep!