Healthy Football Game Food

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted that football game workout?  Well as soon as I posted that Dan said forget about the exercise, ‘don’t forget the food!’  A way to a man’s heart…his belly!  I thought great idea…healthy football game food. Part of the joy of football season comes from enjoying good food with friends and family while cheering on your team. I enjoy making fun food for games that we can all enjoy, that I can make ahead of time, and that are entertaining friendly!

I went to some of my favorite folks from FitFluential and asked them to give me their best healthy game day food recipes!   While I can’t say I’ve tried all of these just yet, I have read through all of them and boy oh boy did they have me drooling.  I hope to tackle (pun intended 😉 ) all of them before the end of this football season.

Cheer On the Tasty Food Team


Healthy Football Game Food

Tasty and healthy – touchdown!

Paleo Turkey Chili from The Clean Eating Couple

Spicy Black Bean Guacamole from Tasting Page

Veggie Taco Bites from The Happy Health Freak

Salsa Verde Burgers from Hungry Hobby

5 Ingredient Pizza Bites from Food Faith Fitness

Basil Avocado Hummus from Sprint 2 the Table

Sweet Chili Sweet Potato Fries from Dancing to Running

Healthy Appetizers from a Muffin Tin from Run to the Finish

Baked BBQ Wings from My Healthyish Life

Potty Training is a Lot Like Health & Fitness

You might not follow me on instagram and facebook but if you do you know that we started potty training (hopefully by the time you read this we are still at it!) with Micah this past week.  As I was sitting on the couch the other night in my exhausted mom phase, I began to realize how potty training is a lot like what I do as an online personal trainer and very similar to reaching success in health and fitness.

Are you laughing yet?  Ok, good.  Stay with me here!


Potty Training vs. Working with an Online Personal Trainer

You have to be ready!

When you finally decide you are ready to get healthy, you have to truly BE READY.  Just as Micah showed me he was soooo ready to go on the big boy potty, YOU have to make that leap.  As a trainer I cannot tell you how many times people email me saying they are ready for a change.  They want help working out.  They want to lose weight.  But then they fizzle out a few days into the program.  Why?  Many times they just aren’t ready and the circumstances, timing aren’t right.

You have to be consistent!

Literally since the time we started with this whole potty deal I’ve asked Micah every 15 minutes to come sit on the potty with me.  Now I can’t lie, this didn’t go over well but I kept telling him we just have to keep practicing.  Working out, eating healthy, practicing self love…they don’t come over night.  You have to be consistent you might not need to work out every 15 minutes but you get my point.  Success will come when you stay consistent day in and day out.  No extreme quick fixes, they won’t last.

Online Personal Trainer

Not sure I thought I’d ever post a picture of a potty within a fitness post 🙂

You have to have accountability!

Micah has me constantly by his side.  He has his dad constantly by his side.  We are watching him like a hawk and reminding him to stay on track, I mean on the potty.  This is my favorite part of working with clients.  I get to walk the walk beside you.  Can you succeed without accountability?  I dare to argue not.  At some point you need someone to hold you to your goals.  You need to have someone there making sure you stay on that track whether it is pottying or choosing to eat the apple.

You have to reward yourself!

I give Micah his favorite Thomas the Engine sticker for each successful potty trip.  What’s your sticker?  I joke, but seriously you need to set up a reward system to recognize your achievements.  I like to encourage folks to reward themselves with a new workout outfit.  Perhaps a pedicure…but it doesn’t have to cost money!  Reward yourself in other ways like treating yourself to a long walk by yourself on your favorite trail.  Reward yourself with a long bath.  Set up a system that is meaningful to YOU that will help motivate you to reach your goals.

You will get distracted!

If I am not on Micah every second he is distracted.  It seems my entire day is spent checking in with him.  Same with our health and fitness we can stray from our goal.  You need someone to keep you focused on the prize and maybe more importantly someone that will help you when you got off track.

You will have to commit away from home!

AHHH, so this terrifies me.  Maybe it’s because taking twins anywhere is just more difficult even with diapers.  I am physically drained after every grocery and errand outing.  And in being prepared and focused while on the road…yikes! Throw in travel, holidays, work…your health and fitness game might go out the window.  You have to be ready if you want to hit your big goals to focus at home and away from home.

You might not succeed at first!

And then well you might not make it happen the first try.  I’m writing this on our third day in and I am hopeful we are still giving it a try but I’m also totally ok if we aren’t successful.  My goal was to potty train them by 3 and we have much more time.  The best part about working with someone like a trainer (AKA a mom in the potty example 😉 ) is we will be there for you whether you fail or succeed AND we will have tips to help you be more successful your next attempt.

Last but not least YOU WILL SUCCEED!

If you commit, if you are motivated, if you have your goal in front of you…you will succeed most definitely!


How to Save Money on Nutrition Supplements

Disclosure:  This a sponsored post through a partnership with Groupon, however, please remember I only share things I love and always share my honest opinion!

So did you guys love the tips on how easy it is to build a home gym in yesterday’s post?  Really don’t make it complicated you don’t need much and if you shop around you can find those few necessities for a steal!

Two Websites for Saving Money on Supplements

How to save money on nutrition supplements

I’m all about saving money – any time, any where I’m in…the CPA blood runs strong!

Yesterday was about simply building your home gym but today I want to focus on finding deals on nutrition supplements and healthy groceries.  We used to live in a suburb outside of Indianapolis that was full of natural grocery stores, healthy living stores, you name it…it was within a 10 minute drive.  Now that we live in the country surrounded by corn fields even a basic grocery store is 20 minutes away and let me tell you it is B-A-S-I-C.

Things I used to take for granted like multiple choices for almond butter, I no longer take for granted.  I used to swing into a GNC and pick up protein powder or vitamins any time I wanted.  Now?  Not so easy now.  In addition to the travel and limitations of stores.  I have these two wonderful boys in my life that make those quick stops not so quick.  Enter my love for Vitacost!

You guys if you buy protein powder, supplements, vitamins, nut butter, heck really anything you need to check out Vitacost.  I’m afraid sometimes Dan worries I just buy every day from Vitacost.  I am not exaggerating when I say we get a weekly delivery.  Not just for convenience and because they have hard to find items but because hands down they always have the best prices.  Trust me the CPA in me has checked and compared!

Then I just found out that Vitacost is a part of the Groupon Coupons program, WHAT?!?!  So you mean to tell I could’ve been saving more money!  If you haven’t heard of Groupon Coupons go check it out too!  Those should be your two daily to do items, go check out Vitacost and Groupon Coupons.

Terrific Refund Policy

Lastly, I have to mention why I truly truly love Vitacost.  So I was hesitant to try a new vitamin a few months ago but the site had a great price so I bought it…it didn’t agree with my tummy.  You can get a refund without returning the product!!!!  Seriously you fill out a simple form with reason for ‘return’ and you are refunded ASAP.  There is no reason not to buy online – save money, no risk, save more with Groupon Coupons!

If you are looking to dive more into supplements or just save on grocery time and money Groupon Coupons and Vitacost are hands down my top tips!


How To Build Your Home Gym on a Budget

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post through Groupon but ALL thoughts and opinions are always 110% my own.  I’m a lover of Groupon Goods!

Just yesterday I posted an awesome workout using a budget friendly piece of home gym equipment.  And I got a few emails from folks asking where I would recommend buying other home gym equipment.

First off let me remind you, you do NOT need a lot of equipment to get healthy.  Simply walking outside can be an amazing step in becoming healthy.  However, I do love incorporating different pieces of equipment in my own training.  Even just simply finding dumbbells is a huge addition to your home gym.  In my boot camp programs the only piece of equipment that is a must have is a set of light dumbbells and a set of medium/heavy dumbbells.

How to build your home gym

Find great sales and build your home gym with minimal equipment!

Now let’s say you sign up for my boot camp and you don’t have those dumbbells.  Where do I recommend you check first before you buy?

Have you heard of Groupon Goods?!?!

Groupon Goods is a fantastic resource for amazing deals in general.  But did you know that they often have FANTASTIC DISCOUNTS on fitness equipment like those dumbbells you’d need for my boot camp. You bet they do!  From fit bits, to weights, to gym wear…they have it all!  Seriously  DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT spend a lot of money on your home gym.  Use Groupon Goods, use craigs list, use ebay, use Amazon, just don’t break your budget building a home gym.

If you are just starting out and you are not sure what pieces of equipment you might need I’d be happy to talk you through what I’d recommend for you.  But if I were starting out and searching on Groupon Goods I would search for dumbbells, resistance bands, water bottles, and that is about it. You don’t need a lot so buy high quality and at a good discount.  Then you need to find high quality workouts.  Simple and effective that’s my philosophy for fitness and shopping for your home gym!



Resistance Band Lower Body Workout

I try to keep the equipment needed for all of my workouts here on my site pretty minimal.  There are a few reasons for that…I know that you might not have room for a lot of fancy schmancy equipment, if you have the room you might not have or want to spend the money on lots of gear, and I truly believe you DO NOT need lots of ‘stuff’ to get fit.

That being said I also believe some of the best workouts I’ve ever put together include resistance bands.  Resistance bands are INCREDIBLE!  You work your muscles in such a different way than when you lift weights or do traditional cardio.  The great thing…these bands don’t cost much at all or take up much space!  If you travel a lot this is an awesome addition to your suitcase too.  Ok, enough of why these bands rock and on to the workout.

Are you ready for a BURNER?  I’m serious…are you ready?  Your lower body is going to be on fire today but tomorrow you’ll really be hating me.  But trust me you want to do this workout.  And once again it is complete with a printable and a video demo (to your inbox!) of the workout!

Resistance Band Lower Body BURN

Don’t hate me when you get done with this workout…go out and get a resistance band ASAP if you don’t have one!

If you would like to get a video demonstration of this entire workout, just fill out the form below!  I will send it to your inbox right away so if you have any questions on the moves you’ll have it for reference!

Video to my Inbox Please!

If you need help or have questions on any of the movements or need modifications, always feel free to email me. 


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