Kitchen Chair Workout

What a title right?  Kitchen chair workout.  I hope I have you intrigued enough to try this wild workout this week.  I often hear that people don’t have money to commit to equipment, programs, trainers.  I like to remind people that you can often times find every day objects to incorporate into your fitness routines.  In my online training work, I only ask people to have two sets of weights light and medium/heavy.  Other than that…we use what you have!

Kitchen Chair Workout

Warm up by marching in place or taking a few laps around the house for 5 minutes.  Then get ready to use that chair!  Our goal is to repeat this circuit for 30 minutes.  But if you only have time for a couple times through that’s ok too.  Remember fitness is about working in not always working out!

Glute Kicks – 15 reps each leg

Tricep Dips – 15 reps

Hip Raises – 15 reps each leg

Ab Tucks – 15 reps

Step Ups – 15 reps, leading with each leg (30 total)

Kitchen Chair Workout

Grab your chair and let’s go!

What household object have you tried using in your workouts?  Milk jugs? Cans of soup?  Give it to me! 


Real Mom Truth

Friends this is a soul spilling post.  As always know that I come to this little place online to share my heart in hopes that it might help others but I also come here selfishly knowing that some of you might be able to help  me.  I’ve prayed a lot about what I’m going to touch on today and continue to pray about it.

I’m not even sure how to transition into the meat of what I want to talk about so maybe a picture will help….so this…

Real Mom Truth

Real mom truth

At first I felt SHAMEFUL for not loving every moment of motherhood…I’ve been praying friends!

See over the past MARVELOUS thirteen (yikes almost fourteen months) of being mommy I would find myself feeling soooo guilty if I had even the slightest complaint about my day (ask Dan I have a lot of those some days) or if I didn’t seem to 110% enjoy my mommy duties.  If one of the boys had a non stop fussy day and I was just mentally and physically exhausted I would beat myself up in my head.  I’d think of how hard it was for us to get to this point and even get pregnant.  I’d think of all those women out there who would give anything to have a child let alone two amazing children.  I’d think…I’d think ‘geez Sarah how ungrateful are you, you can’t even deal with a fussy baby when this is what you wanted.’

This mental game was and still does wreak havoc in my head.  And this battle in my head is even more exhausting than just a normal day as mom.  So I like with many things in life, turned to my faith.  I prayed, I prayed, I PRAY to God that He’d calm my mind, show me joy in all of motherhood…and you know what He said to me.  Look up at that picture…NOT LOVING EVERY MOMENT doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE THEM OR BEING MOM!

If I am honest with myself this full time mom gig is really like the most intense CEO job ever….24/7 never stops ever!  So like with any job shouldn’t I have expected to not enjoy all parts of it?  But somehow in our world (ok maybe this is just me but I’m thinking not) we’ve made it seem shameful if we aren’t always in love with motherhood.  I don’t think that’s real and honestly I don’t think if I act that way day in and day out that it is a positive thing for our family.

My boys need to see me tired and stressed.  They need to see that mommy works hard for them and daddy.  Daddy needs to see (and he is oh so appreciative and such a supporter!) the physical exhaustion at the end of some days.  My mom friends need to see it isn’t just them…they need to know they aren’t alone in their struggles.  The world needs to see that being a mom takes a commitment to motherhood through the joys and the struggles.  The world needs to see the commitment to motherhood doesn’t just mean committing to the smiles and giggles…it means committing to the non stop fussy teething baby, it means committing to the endless dirty diapers, it means committing to reading the same book 15 times :), it means committing to sleepless nights, it means committing to interruptions when you just want to get one thing done…but each night when I lie my head down I know it means committing to making their lives and my family’s life better and that puts a smile on my face.  We mothers have the chance to change the world even through the moments we don’t love…because while I don’t always LOVE every moment I LOVE being mommy.


Fall Outdoor Circuit Workout

This past weekend Dan and I had the awesome treat to go to a Notre Dame football game.  If you ever have the chance to go…do it!  Nothing says fall to me like a crisp day at a football game…Notre Dame takes that atmosphere to a whole new level.  So it got me in the mood of getting outside, thinking of how the air smells different as the seasons change, how the air feels different, and the leaves get crunchy.  I love this time of year for getting outside for my workouts.  The boys and I routinely get out for walks (I rarely run with them fun fact, it’s ‘my’ time if i do get to run outside which RARELY happens) and I often find myself mixing in other strength moves too to make it a try outdoor circuit workout.

This outdoor circuit workout is basic but super EFFECTIVE!  Get outside, move, enjoy the season…your workout should be SO MUCH MORE than a physical act.  Your workout she rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul!


Fall Outdoor Circuit Workout

Get outside, breathe in the crisp air, use your workout to refresh mentally AND physically!

I also DEFINITELY encourage you to take some time to cool down and stretch after completing this outdoor circuit workout…and I do say try to do it outside too!  Yes, get out in the fresh air folks!

Also, I’ve been having some TREMENDOUS results (I’ll share more soon) with my online work.  I will be starting a brand new round of clients on October 1st.  SOOOOO that means I need 5 people, I’m only working intensely with 5 people at a time right now.  I know my priorities and also know that I want everyone I work with to get my best…so 5 only.  Contact me today to get started!  My proudest accomplishment isn’t the pounds lost by anyone, but their comments that they feel STRONGER, HAPPIER, MORE CONFIDENT, BETTER MOMS.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ACTIVITY FOR THE FALL SEASON?  I love taking walks and listening to the leaves crunch but I have to say the apple orchard and pumpkin patches are my favorite!  Oh and just an excuse to make my house smell like fall :)  I love that too!