Pregnancy Weight Gain-Number on the Scale

You might remember my promise to myself to step on the scale backwards while pregnant.   I didn’t want to worry myself with pregnancy weight gain…I wanted to rest peacefully knowing I am eating healthy foods and exercising daily…I wanted to finally come to terms that the number on the scale is JUST THAT…A NUMBER ON THE SCALE!


Just a scale NOT a measure of YOU!

Well my plan was going great on not focusing on pregnancy weight gain until last week when the blasted nurse read the number out loud and wrote it out right on my chart in front of me.  Not only did I hear the number but I read the number.

When it happened it didn’t hit me at first, the scale was the only thing between me and the bathroom.  When 36+ weeks pregnant (especially with twins) you don’t care about anything really other than your next bathroom stop.  But then I went into the exam room and told Daniel…she told me my weight.  I was a bit annoyed with the nurse. What gal steps on backwards intentionally and you still read her weight aloud?  But it happened and I had to deal with it.

I am not going to share any numbers here with you today but I want to share something amazingly AWESOME that happened that day.

I didn’t care about the number on the scale!

I saw the number, I heard the number, I thought about the number, and I didn’t care about the number on the scale!

I saw two happy, healthy babies on the ultra sound.

I saw a mamma to be walking 3+ miles every day.

I saw a mamma to be eating 5-6 small, healthy meals every day with only an occasional splurge.

I saw me lifting weights (light don’t worry!) 5 times a week.

I saw how HEALTHY I was in that number.

You know what was even better?  My weight gain was right in the recommended range without me doing anything other than eating right and exercising when I can.  Throughout this pregnancy I’m learning to trust my body and truly listen to it.  If I can’t get in my morning walk and lay on the couch instead..I know that is what my body needs.  If I have to have another banana with peanut butter that day – I eat it, because I know that is what my body needs.  Now this is all in moderation BUT the key is – if you trust your body and treat it healthfully IT WILL RETURN THE FAVOR!!

Creating Better Tomorrow Tip – No matter pregnant or not forget the number on the scale!  Respect your body and treat it with healthy habits daily.  Trust your body to give you back just what you put into it!


Easy Week Night Meals

Hi there Creating a Better Tomorrow fans!

I’m Tara, the girl behind the healthy-living blog Treble in the Kitchen. My blog features bits and pieces of my life, my yummy kitchen creations, and how I stay fit. Feel free to pop on over to say hello!

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I live in Indianapolis with Sarah, and we have actually met in person a couple of times! She came to my Bodypump class last summer and when she was working we met up for lunch because our day jobs were SUPER close to each other. I love our little get-togethers!

sarah and tara creating a better tomorrow and treble in the kitchen As Sarah prepares to become an awesome mommy to two little twin boys, she asked me to write up a guest post for her. I thought this would be the PERFECT opportunity to share some of my favorite and EASY weeknight meals with all of you.

Easy Weeknight Meals via Treble in the Kitchen

Easy Weeknight Meals

When I know I have a busy week ahead, the crock pot and I become BEST friends. Being able to dump all of the ingredients for a nutritious and tasty meal into the slow cooker in the morning to have it ready for dinner at the end of the day with minimal effort is seriously invaluable. Another benefit of using the crock pot is having leftovers! Leftovers are easily frozen for use at a later time, or they can be eaten later in the week. You pick!

Vegetable Shrimp Curry Crock Pot Meal

A favorite of ours!

vegetable curry crock pot

If you love breakfast for dinner like me, then you will LOVE this frittata for your evening meal. Making frittatas takes about 20-30 minutes total and the possibilities for vegetable mix-ins are endless. A favorite combination of mine is kale and artichoke with a little touch of nutmeg to give it that little “something extra!” Pair a slice of this frittata with a side salad and you have got yourself a delicious meal. Since this recipe makes 4 servings, you could eat the leftovers for breakfast the next morning. Two meals in one :)

Kale Artichoke Frittata

kale frittata 2

Batch cooking is another way to save time during the week. I like to pick a day on the weekend where I make one or two items that are bigger “batches” that will last me for a couple of meals through the week. I love making veggie burgers because I can enjoy them as a burger, crumble them over my salad, or just eat them on their own as a quick snack. These Chickpea Lentil Veggie Burgers have lots of flavor, hold together well, and are chock-full of veggies.

Chickpea Lentil Veggie Burgers

Chickpea Lentil Veggie Burger via Treble in the Kitchen

I am a seafood lover through and through, so any meal that includes something from the sea sounds good to me! When I am running short on time, SHRIMP is a great way to add some protein to a meal. It is tasty, a great source of protein, and it cooks up unbelievably fast. There are a number of ways to prepare shrimp, but baking it is one of my favorites! It’s so easy to just season it up and toss it in the oven for 12-15 minutes. Now that is a speedy meal.

Citrusy Garlicky Baked Shrimp

citrus shrimp

When it comes to veggies, I can never get enough. I love them raw and in salads, but sometimes nothing sounds better than a hot meal. This veggie bake is deliciously satisfying and features summer squash as the star of the dish!

Italian Summer Squash Bake

Italian summer squash bake

Quinoa is a great source of vegetarian protein, and it’s such a versatile ingredient. Quinoa is the core of this tasty salad, which makes this salad really versatile too. This is another one of those meals that can be made as a batch ahead of time and then used multiple ways during the week. This salad can be enjoyed hot or cold, as an entree or a side dish, added to a big green salad, or eaten on it’s own. The options are endless!

Simple Black Bean and Corn Quinoa Salad

simple black bean quinoa

Questions of the Day:

  • What is your favorite, EASY weeknight meal?
  • What is your family’s go-to weeknight recipe?

Varicose Veins During Pregnancy

There are some miracle marks from pregnancy that most of just cannot avoid.  For me varicose veins during pregnancy have been one of the wonderful marks that have haunted me from day one.  Actually I have suffered from varicose veins from a young age.

My dad’s good old family genes provided me with some rocking, popping veins even as a teenager.  At only 16, I underwent vascular surgery on my left leg to help relieve pain and improve the circulation throughout my leg.  So when I became pregnant I had a feeling my sneaky old veins wouldn’t let me forget them.  Oh boy, did they ever let me know they were there!  My right leg has been quite beautifully marked with veins from day one (though luckily no swelling until this week!!!).

Luckily eating right, exercising, putting your feet up are all good and easy ways to manage varicose veins during pregnancy.  Then something awesome happened…I was contacted by Therafirm a company that produces a line of compression wear called Preggers.  Yep, don’t you love the name?!?!

I was sent some AMAZING stuff from the Preggers line and have been in love with it!  I wish I would have found out about it sooner!

A little about the Therafirm products:

  • All their products are 100% made in the United States (love that!)
  • All products have a moisture wicking fiber that helps keep legs dry & sweat free (love that!)
  • The gradient compression provided from the products helps to energize tired, achy legs & is proven to reduce swelling (goodness love that too!)

Ok – so I was sent the Preggers leggings in the gray and black color….gals these rock!  They have a higher waist that you can wear up or roll down and they go all the way down to your ankles.  One thing I will say is they aren’t as thick as maybe ‘workout leggings’ so you may/may not want to wear them without a long shirt to totally cover your bum ;)  don’t want any see through problems!  These leggings have been absolutely wonderful for morning walks or lounging around the house.

I always thought when pregnant I’d want to just wear loose baggy clothes, but support actually makes me feel SO MUCH better both physically and mentally.  The leggings provide support for my circulation, belly, and help to keep things ‘held in’ (if you know what I mean).

I also got to try out the trouser socks.  Just like the leggings they did not disappoint – providing just the right amount of pressure on my ankles (where my problems tend to occur).

Compression wear helps to keep blood from pooling up in your veins which can often lead to (be one of the factors) varicose veins.  Varicose veins during pregnancy aren’t necessarily dangerous, but they are a bit uncomfortable and more so just unattractive :)  The Preggers line is all super cute stuff (I am pretty sure I”m going to have to buy some of the fun summer colored leggings soon!!!) that provides awesome circulation support too!

Yep that's me - rocking the popped knee with that big ole belly :)

Yep that’s me – rocking the popped knee with that big ole belly :)

Note to self – do NOT wait to take a picture for a blog post until the end of being pregnant with twins…uuhhh!!!  But really I mean I’m surviving in comfy pants, leggings , and Dan’s t-shirts (thanks for letting me push them share babe!).  Guys I’m getting huge!

I know I will continue to wear both the leggings and socks LONG after the boys arrive.  All the Preggers items are so stylish too!  And stay tuned in a couple more months I will have another review of their GoGo line - which is compression wear but not focused on pregnant gals…I think I’m sold!

I know I can’t totally eliminate my varicose veins during pregnancy or any time after but at least I can look stylish and feel a bit better wearing some awesome Preggers leggings and tights in the process!  Check it out yourself and for readers if you use discount code FREESHIPBLOG on their site you can get free shipping on any and all orders!  

Curious – do you suffer from varicose veins?  What have you found helps to relieve the discomfort after a long day on your feet?



Disclosure:  I was sent products from Preggers to review and share with you all but AS ALWAYS all thoughts, opinions are my own!