Friday Facts April 24, 2015


High Heels Wedding Image1

I am NOT used to wearing heels these I got my heels practice in while doing some cleaning!

Fact – I couldn’t be happier for him, his soon to be wife is an amazing gal and I am so happy to call her sister.  The boys are in the wedding and so am I!

just married

Praying for nice weather!!

Fact – I treated myself to a massage (used a Christmas gift certificate) this week…OMG Stop everything…let me just tell you, I needed that massage!  Teaching INsanity and working out hard and then on top of that lugging around two heavy boys in car seats, I was in desperate need of a massage.  I opted for the deep tissue massage, hurts so good!  I will be asking Santa for another certificate next year.

Fact – I also treated myself to a spray tan yesterday.  The dress I get to wear is a gorgeous light yellow but when I tried it on (even Dan admitted) I knew I needed some color and ASAP!  I wish every week could be wedding week, I’m feeling all dolled up and can’t wait to get my hair and makeup done tomorrow!

Fact – I will be SUPER busy this weekend but will do my best to touch base with you all on Monday.


Have you ever had a massage?  How about a spray tan?  What’s one thing you did that made you feel extra pretty this week?

How to Stay On Budget When Grocery Shopping

Back with a weekly guest blog again (do you want to guest blog, I’d love it if you did!!!  I need more guest bloggers :) ).  And I know we’ve had a lot of food talk this I thought why not keep with that and share this guest blog with you.  ENJOY!

Conquer the Grocery Store & Stay on Budget in 10 Easy Steps

Author: Whitney Hollingshead

Get ready to don your cape because the time has come to conquer the grocery store. Need to feed your family? Need to stay on budget? Need to get in and out in a flash? Follow the 10 steps below and turn grocery shopping into a weekly triumph.

1. Set your budget. According to the results from a Gallup survey completed in 2012, the average American spends roughly $150 per week on groceries, or $600 per month. The USDA reports that the monthly cost of a moderate meal plan for a family of four is just over $770, while a more liberal menu plan is nearly $1,000 per month. While you should never focus on keeping up with the Joneses, these numbers do provide a solid starting point for planning your budget if you aren’t already tracking your expenses. (Of course, you should consider adjusting your monthly total based upon the size of your family.)

2. Create a list. Consider the items you eat everyday. If you do not have these items on hand, add them to the list. Next consider meals you would like to eat over the course of the next week. Add any needed ingredients to your list. Repeat this process each week, taking into account any ingredients left from the previous weeks that can be used in the coming week. Consider putting the list into a spreadsheet online that you can access from your smartphone.

Keep your list with you on your phone!

Keep your list with you on your phone!

3. Organize your list by the store’s layout. If possible, move the items on your list around so they are grouped by each section of the store. For example, make sure all fresh produce items are listed together. Preparing your list this way will make your trip much easier and faster. This is where an online spreadsheet comes in especially handy.

4. Head to the bank. Once you have decided on a monthly number, go to the bank and withdraw that exact amount from your checking account. Place the money in four envelopes, one for each weekly trip to the store. If you need to divide this up into two trips to the bank each month, adjust the envelopes accordingly.

Money in an envelope. On a white background.

5. Go shopping after eating. Everything in the grocery store will be much more enticing when you are hungry. So finish your meal and then head to the store to work in some extra post meal exercise. Shopping after meals should also help you avoid the busiest shopping hours.




6. Time yourself. Think of grocery shopping as a race against yourself. Before you enter the store, program your phone for a set amount of time and race against the clock. With each subsequent trip, try to beat your last time. If you save some time, you can spend the time on something fun for yourself. If shopping with children, you can get them to play the racing game too. Tell them that if you finish shopping before the timer goes off, everyone will get a reward. (Choose the reward that seems most fitting for you and your children.)

7. Stick to your list. If you realize you have forgotten something important, add the item to your cart and add it to your list. Think of your list as your roadmap. Stick to your planned stops and resist the urge to sightsee along the way. If you still find something you would like that is not on the list, add it to the next week’s list. That way you can consider the item for future planning and figure out how to work it into your budget.

8. Pay in cash. Use your cash envelope to pay. Never swipe your card. As this helpful article states, paying in cash will make you much more aware of how much you are spending and keep you from spending more than your budgeted amount.

9. Make note of the outcome. Keep your original list and write down the total cost of the trip. Cross off any items you decided not to purchase and make sure all added items got added to the final list.

10. Make necessary adjustments. Were you able to purchase all of the items on your list with the cash in your envelope? If not, change the list accordingly to reuse in the future. If you had money left over, you can either add it to the envelope for the next week’s shopping trip, spend it on something fun, or put it in a jar to save toward a fun family goal. Over time you should have four weekly lists that you can reuse each month with very few changes.

While these 10 steps may require some planning and effort on your part in the beginning, a well executed shopping program will provide long lasting results that will exceed your expectations.

Curious – what is one tip you find helpful to stay on budget when grocery shopping?

Too Much Nut Butter

Too much nut butter?  There’s no such thing…that’s like too much money or too much fun …too much nut butter there’s no such thing! I ain’t ever had too much nut butter

Ok – can you hear me singing along to this tune

I assure you I really was singing as I typed this you can ask the boys :)

Ok but in all seriousness for me there was too much nut butter in my life. Over a year ago I wrote a post about too much of a good thing, but I thought this topic was worth revisiting.  Part of my disordered eating habits include going way overboard on some foods.  I can easily down half a jar of nut butter if I’m not careful.  Long, stressful day I want something ooegy and gooey and tasty and I often find that craving satisfied with nut butter.  Now a spoonful here and there is totally awesome and your body needs fat!  But one spoonful, then another, then another, and another, and…you get the point. And even worse was the mental anguish I put myself through after binging.

So just a few months ago when I was struggling with keeping my binging under control, I took every ounce of nut butter out of the house.  Yep, I don’t think Dan noticed but no PB&J’s for his lunch for awhile.  Eliminating binge triggers is a great help for me.  After eliminating, I then try to find an alternative that still satisfied my craving but that it is harder for me to go CRAZY on.  Enter amazing seasoned almonds!

Almonds picture

I fill my blue 21 Day Fix container with nuts and I’m ready for the day! BINGES STAY AWAY!

Blue Diamond recently sent me these honey roasted cinnamon almonds.  These are PERFECT FOR ME!  Although right now I am at a happy place with nut butter, when I did eliminate the butter I swapped it out for whole nuts.  It is so much harder for me to over do it on whole nuts.  They take longer to eat, they take more time to eat, and I feel satisfied with knowing it keeps my hands busy.  These specific almonds even have cinnamon/sugar coating that you can lick off your fingers!  Guys, did your mom make you sugar cinnamon toast growing up?  Then go get these, they remind me just of that toast!  Sweet and good and don’t trigger a binge!

So maybe you have a healthy relationship with nut butter but for me I went through a period (thank goodness it didn’t last too long!) where there really was too much nut butter.  And I am so happy that through those struggles I recognized eliminating triggers is key for my continued and everlasting ‘recovery’ from disordered eating.  I’m just thankful that through my learning I’ve also discovered tasty alternatives that are just as yummy if not better!!!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds and I received two cans of almonds in exchange for this post but as always all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine!