Pregnant with Twins – 36 weeks

Howdy folks!  I am still here and still pregnant with twins at 36 weeks (and counting technically 36 weeks and 4 days today :) )so here is another weekly update.  Please make sure you are following me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as I see the blog slowing down a bit closer and closer to ‘the day’ but I am sure we will be keeping you up to date through social media as we can. And know that if I just stop blogging I WILL BE BACK but it might mean baby time has come!

This past weekend we ventured out to the Indianapolis Museum of Art a GREAT place to visit whether you live here or are driving through Indiana.  It is FREE and offers indoor and outdoor walking and exhibits.  So this week’s picture comes from just inside the main doors inside of this hanging bamboo curtain exhibit…it is super cool (if you live close GO CHECK IT OUT!!!)!

36 weeks!

Pregnant with twins 36 weeks!


Best moment this week:  Great doctors’ appointment and hearing and seeing our little guys.  They are so squished in there it is a bit hard to make much out at this point.  But they are both measuring just at 6 lbs.  WOWZERS! no wonder I feel like a beached whale a majority of the day.

Movement:  Oh my, Baby B has moved.  He is still transverse (sideways) but totally the other direction from where he was last month in the ultra sound.  His head is now in my ribs (under my chest) on the right side, he was on the left side.  It is a bit painful at times with how high he is but I’m considering the fact I”m still walking at 36 weeks as a blessing any pain is just an annoyance.

Food Cravings:  All the nut butter and fruit I can get!  I think my body knows it needs calories and doesn’t have tons of space so I just listen to it and do my best to eat clean BUT if I want something at this point I pretty much just go with it :)

Sleep:  Not too bad considering there is 12+ pounds of baby moving around in there!  Just LOTS, LOTS, LOTS of bathroom breaks.  My FitBit tracks how many wake ups I have, the most is 12 the past week and the least is 9…so you can see I don’t get much continuous sleep….all preparing us for the fun ahead! (Fit Bit also tells me I’ve hit over 10,000 steps every day for over a week now in a row! yipee!)

Wedding rings on or off? On, on, on :)  and still as big in size as before I was pregnant, I can fully turn my ring around on my finger, yipee!

Happy or moody:  Happy camper right here.  I’m fine with however long they want to stay in there (ok, boys but you’ve had your warning 38 weeks and you better be ready!) as long as everyone is happy, healthy, and safe.  However, I am getting a bit tired of going to the grocery store with a list made as if we’ll be gone and then having to go again each week :)  when we realize they aren’t coming just yet.

Baby Survival Pack

Just a week or so ago I mentioned that we received an AWESOME Baby Survival Pack from some friends.  You all were intrigued by my teaser of a description.  I got emails, facebook comments, and blog comments all wanting to know more about this kit.  So here it goes!

Now I have no idea where this idea originated, I looked on pinterest and couldn’t find this exact one.  That being said I hope I’m not stealing anyone’s thunder…just want to share a super cute gift that I know I will be giving to a lot of moms to be in the future.

If I would’ve known how popular this Baby Survival Pack was going to be I of COURSE would have taken pictures…but silly me…I ripped right into the package and destroyed the ‘cuteness’ of it.

The kit came in a shoe box with a piece of paper that described each item to be found inside.   This is the list we received.

Baby Survival Pack

  • Baby sleeping gown – these make nighttime diaper changes SO much easier!
  • Door sign – You finally got baby to sleep, the last thing you want is someone ringing the bell!
Babies are sleeping!

Babies are sleeping!

  • Notebook – for documenting the eat-sleep-poop schedule and everything else your mommy brain needs to remember.
  • Book – (ours was chosen by the gifter’s little boy :) ) it was one of his favorites
  • Chapstick – nursing makes you so thirsty, be sure to drink your water but a little chapstick never hurt anyone
  • Tissues – to wipe away the tears, yours and baby’s
  • Coffee – to help you survive after a sleepless night
  • Shower puff and gel – it might be the most pampering you get some days, so enjoy those few minutes in the shower with some good smelling soap!
  • Baby powder – of course, some days you may not even get a shower…this stuff make GREAT dry shampoo!
  • Baby lotion – and if all else fails, just make sure baby smells good…no one will notice what you smell like :)
  • Wet Ones – you may eventually decide to venture out of your house, these will help disinfect things, even if it’s just baby’s hands after some stranger touches them
  • Shout wipes – you just never know what’s going to end up on your shirt
Shout wipes

For big people and little people messes – SHOUT it out!

  • Chocolate – stock up ;)
  • Pizza gift card – for when there’s no time to cook
  • Condoms – so you don’t ‘accidentally’ end up here again
  • Thor – to remind you that no matter what, you’ll always be your baby’s hero!
Thor Super Hero

Super Hero Moms and Dads to the rescue

Underneath this list were all the items listed :)  In our case some items two times over.  It was a perfect package.  I thought such a cute idea and so useful!

How to Have a Healthy, Happy, Successful Day!

Hi friends! I am so happy to be here on Sarah’s blog while she is off preparing to welcome her little bundles of joy…x2! My name is Brynn and I blog over at BalancingB where I share my journey to health and wellness. One year ago, I left my high power job because my health was failing. I spent months focusing on my health and also became a Certified Holistic Health Coach. My journey is still on going, but I love to share some of the ‘ah-ha’ moments along the way and also my tips to have a healthy, happy, full life.

As you may have guessed, I am all about BALANCE. We all wear a lot of hats and are trying to balance a lot at once. Hey, there is no such thing as perfect, but we all like to try, right?

Even now that I have left my full-time gig, I find myself swamped with school, my work, workouts, social engagements and keeping up the house (some of which used to be shared with the hubs or handled by others). I am busy and constantly on the go.

Planning can be a total lifesaver in the sanity department. I take a few minutes at night to look at my calendar for the next day and jot down my must dos, appointments, goals, workouts and reminders.

Planning ahead makes staying on track so much easier!

Planning ahead makes staying on track so much easier!

Here are my tips for having a healthy, happy and successful day:

1) Organize. Get a planner and use it. I love to use a variety of colors to represent different activities (ex. purple = workouts, green = social, etc). Put yourself in there, too! Schedule your workouts, girlfriend time and your favorite activity or hobby. Make sure you have a balance in your schedule with ‘have to’ and ‘fun to do’. I also use my planner to create my meal plans for the week. Planning ahead helps me make healthier choices.

2) Rethink Your Time. Don’t tell me I’m the only one who has performed squats while brushing my teeth. I am a big time multi-tasker; finding ways to tackle more at once helps me get the biggest ban for my buck. But be careful, this does not mean stretching yourself thin. Rather, it means getting smart with your time. One of my biggest tips for healthy living is to make extra food so you can utilize it all week long. Making a salad for lunch? Chop double the amount and toss in a second container for your lunch tomorrow. Just like that you have 10 minutes back in your day tomorrow and it didn’t take you any extra time today.

Chop some extra veggies for tomorrow's lunch!

Chop some extra veggies for tomorrow’s lunch!

3) Try New Things and Find What You Love. Find ways to incorporate healthy habits in ways you enjoy. I love to walk my dog Henry and it also gives me time outside to relax, breathe in fresh air, move and catch up on my favorite audio book or podcast. For me, taking him on a walk is a great way to practice healthy habits without any of the dread. If you hate your daily run, find something you do love. Forcing yourself to do something will not end well. Be open to trying new foods, ways to move and enjoy life.

4) Keep a Water Bottle with You at all Times. It is the best way to stay hydrated, which keeps those false hunger pangs away. Water also helps to keep you awake and alert. I notice such a difference when I am hydrated in my energy, skin, mood and hunger.

Adds a bit of zing to your water!

Yummy lemon water

If plain water isn’t appealing, try sparkling or add in some fresh lemon or frozen berries for an extra pop of flavor. No matter what you do, find a way to drink up.

5) Set Goals but be Patient. There will be trip ups, but that’s ok. As long as we’re trying our best, that counts for something, too! Be kind to yourself and recognize the progress you are making. Focusing on the end result can be discouraging – and sometimes that goal is a moving target. Get clear on what you want and take time each day to reflect on what you did to reach that goal. For example, if you want to lose weight, don’t always focus on the scale. Think about the 80oz of water you drank, the awesome spin class you committed to and followed through on and the great dinner you prepared. I bet those minutes of reflection will give you more motivation for tomorrow than jumping on the scale every day.

At the end of the day, the only way a new habit will stick is if you enjoy it. So take the time to try something for a few days, change it up and be honest with yourself. If there is one thing I have learned in my latest endeavor, it is that happiness and health cannot be replaced and should not be under estimated! So go find your healthy, happy self.

Stop on by my neck of the woods and say hi! I am also currently taking clients if you are interested in Health Coaching.


BBflection will give you more motivation for tomorrow than jumping on the scale every day.

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