Suspension Exercise System

Last week I featured some great equipment free workouts and this week I am back to feature a product that truly makes working out anywhere a breeze!  I recently had the awesome opportunity to try out FEStrong Suspension Exercise System.  This system truly allows you to train your entire body with one piece of equipment that takes up very little space.

I have had the suspension exercise system just over two weeks now.  I wanted to share a bit with you about this system, the pros and cons, some workout moves you can try if you have your own suspension exercise system (think TRX, this is just another word for TRX 🙂 ).

Suspension Exercise System

So I received my package in the mail quickly after ordering and was amazed at how durable the equipment was.  When you buy online you never know what you are getting exactly but the equipment has extremely durable straps, adjustments, and even came in a nice mesh carrying bag so you can quickly load it up and take it wherever you want to go.  *And yes after you take it out of the bag you can get it back in the bag, I usually struggle with that 🙂 *

Suspension Exercise System

The suspension exercise system came all put into the little nice bag!

One down fall that I found after purchasing is that there were no instructions on set up or usage.  I have been working with the company though and guys I have to tell you something…they have been terrific.  I wrote to them honestly letting them know that I was struggling to set it all up and that I was afraid other buyers might really struggle.  I am somewhat familiar with these systems through my work in fitness, and if I was struggling I could only imagine a fitness newbie’s experience.  Here is the great part…they responded sending me youtube videos on set up and exercises AND they said they are working to develop their own interactive video and instruction pamphlet after hearing from me and others.  I love working with companies that listen to you 🙂  Don’t you?  So that is the only downside after two weeks that I can share.  I’ve included the videos they sent me below in case you might find them helpful!

Throughout this week I have been and will be featuring some of MY favorite moves using the suspension exercise system on my instagram page so make sure you check that out too!

What I love about this system

  • low cost
  • light weight
  • fast set up
  • little space to store
  • works whole body
  • little to no impact on joints
  • fun and different from my normal routine!

I think that many of you would love this system!  I can honestly say working out outside with this system has been so nice, I need me some vitamin D!!!  You don’t even feel like you are working out when you head out to your backyard and hook up the system to your clothes line 🙂

Suspension Exercise system

I could work out forever in a sunny backyard as my boys play around me!

And I have GREAT news if you are interested in buying your own suspension exercise system the folks from FEStrong so generously provided you all with a 40% discount code!  When you go to order just enter CREATING.  Click here to order and put in the code upon checkout.

If you are looking for more great workout ideas, fitness equipment recommendations, and overall healthy living ideas make sure to check out the great Wild Workout Wednesday link up!

Disclosure:  In exchange for this post and my promotion on social media, I was provided a suspension exercise system free of cost.  Please know that all opinions and thoughts shared here and throughout my site are 100% my own.  

Carb Cycling – Not for Me

I have a lot of blogging friends from throughout the years here in my world of Creating Better Tomorrow.  Most of these friends are in the health, fitness, nutrition blogging world.  I follow many of them and I’m willing to bet some of you do too.  And I have noticed a big trend lately…carb cycling.  Now I want to put this out first thing, I am not in anyway bashing or bad talking these bloggers or friends…I just want to touch on a subject that really has me fired up.

Carb Cycling – Not for Me

Now I’ve had my fair share of battles with food…restricting, binging, and then overexercising to go along with all of that….and I’ve like to think that all those struggles have taught me a few things.  For so many years (and let’s be honest sometimes it is still a battle) I tried to find the perfect diet, the perfect schedule of eating (2-3 hours, 3-4 hours, intermittent fasting), I tracked calories, I tracked macros, low cab, high carb, high fat, then I didn’t track calories…uhh it is exhausting thinking how much I did to try and find this so called perfect diet and eating plan.

You know what?!?!  none worked but then again in a way they all did work.  See, you just have to eat…that’s the perfect diet plan.  Eat what you want, when you are hungry, and stop when you are full.  Sometimes you might eat a bit too much, sometimes a bit too little.  Sometimes more carbs, sometimes lots of fat, it all evens out.

So when I see these trainers and healthy living bloggers hashtagging their pictures #doyouevencarbcycle I get a bit worried, will another gal like me come along looking for another perfect diet and get sucked into tracking carbs, cycling carbs hi/low, fasting and then feasting.  Do I doubt that these techniques can get you results in a smaller pant size? No it probably works for a certain amount of time.  But here is the thing….will you seriously be fasting/feasting, cycling, tracking macros when you are 80?  Will you have to defend the way you are eating to your family?  Would you want your granddaughter to eat the way you do right now?

Carb Cycling is not for me

Enjoy food, recognize it as a blessing to be enjoyed in moderation

I recently heard on a podcast from This Girl Audra that you should think about when you are 80, a grandma, how will you want and will you be eating.  Would you ever say to your grandchild, ‘Sorry sweetie grandma can’t have that bowl of cereal with you this morning…she is low carb today.’  or ‘Sorry sweetie I know it is your special night out but grandma can’t have that piece of birthday cake that she baked for you because she already ate too many carbs.’

Some trainers have a bit more of a balanced grasp on this approach and promote more intuition with the process but it still leaves me wondering…wondering…wondering what does this truly do to your mental, emotional, and spiritual connection with food?

I know from my past experience that carb cycling is not the perfect diet for me and I honestly don’t think it is the perfect diet for anyone.  You know what I think the perfect diet is?  One that you can follow most of the time, one that you can follow and marvelously enjoy the food, one that you can follow without tracking daily, one that you can follow and not think too much about, one that…one that you make up on your own.

Whether you carb cycle, whether you count macros, whether you count calories, whether you do weight watchers, whether you fast….that is all up to you but the question I would ask is

would you want to eat this way when you are 80?

Have you heard of carb cycling?  Do you find yourself looking for a perfect diet for your weight loss goals?

No Equipment Workouts

Working out can sometimes seem like such a challenge.  Find the time, buy the equipment, get the DVD, get the workout gear, join a gym – it can all seem so overwhelming especially to a person just starting their fitness journey.  I’m here to tell you DON’T OVER COMPLICATE IT!!!  You don’t need fancy equipment, you don’t need LuLu Lemon clothes, you don’t need a gym, and really you only need 30 minutes a day.  I asked some of my good fitness friends to provide me with their favorite no equipment workouts.

The internet is amazing.  The internet has connected me with these wonderful bloggers AND now through the internet you can find tons, I mean TONS, of free workouts!  Try going to Youtube…you can often find full 30-60 minute workout videos.  You really have it all at your finger tips!  But to get you started take a look through a few of these workouts.

No Equipment Workouts

Power 25 HIIT Workout from Healthy Helper

A Squat-a-liscious Tabata workout from Coach Debbie Runs

Football Field Workout from Team Sam Fitness

Body Weight Circuit from All These Things Jenny

Reps Based Total Body Workout from Katalyst Health

Quick Bodyweight Circuit from The Bikini Experiment

You can also find many equipment free circuits right here on my site under the fitness tab at the top of the page.  But I thought I’d share a few that were popular when I originally posted them.

Fall Outdoor Circuit Workout

Get outside, breathe in the crisp air, use your workout to refresh mentally AND physically!

Boredom Buster Workout

No boredom BUT lots of sweat!

alphabet workout

Spell your name, make your own workout!

Squat circuit

Squat, then squat, then squat, then squat!!!

Core Workout

A strong core is KEY to being fit for every day life not just for vanity!

Up and Down Workout Routine

Start at 50 go down and then back up! GO GO GO

For more ideas check out Wild Workout Wednesday!  Lots of bloggers link up their favorite health and fitness posts each week.  Happy sweating!