Blogging Break

So the title says it all but I need a few days off for a blogging break…I never really took a break when the boys were born or when we moved…and I need it! I’ll fill you in more on the ‘why’ and what I will be doing/not doing while on my break…know I’ll be back in a week or so and I’ll probably pop over and say hi to some of my other favorite bloggers, and please follow me on social media (instagram, facebook, twitter) as I am sure I’ll be posting there a bit (not as much!). Thanks for understanding the need for a bit of disconnect!

Ask God For Help

I have only briefly mentioned the MOPS group I started attending since moving to our new home and having the boys.  I should tell you about this group more often because I LOVE IT and can’t imagine not having a MOPS field trip every other week.  Each meeting we have a presenter before breaking into smaller groups for discussion and prayer.  This past week we had Brenda Yoder who presented on disciplining as a Christian mom.  Most of the topics she covered I luckily don’t have to worry about (yet!  I know it is coming!)  but I focused on one line she said.

God is bigger than any hard moments as a mom.  Ask Him, He will help you, you are not parenting alone.

As a new mom and especially as a new mom to twins, I definitely have moments where I feel helpless, exhausted, defeated, and ALONE.  You become a mom so quickly and for me I transitioned into a stay at home mom overnight too!  So many changes and so much to undertake all by yourself.  (Not to say Daniel isn’t amazing, I cannot brag enough on him, he is AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!)  I get so caught up in the diaper changes, the feeding, the laundry, the spit up, that I forgot I am NEVER alone.

When Brenda said those two lines it really hit me, I forget to turn to God, to Ask God for Help.  Home by myself, both boys screaming, both boys wanting bottles, nothing I can do to soothe them and I feel absolutely stretched thin – you know what?  God is right there in that moment and I forget that…I forget that I can find strength in Him in EVERY moment.  Even in the silly moments – like when I feel I’ll never be able to keep the boys from spitting up, like when I have no idea how to calm the boys down, like when I can’t take one more dirty diaper…I have a teammate 24/7 parenting with me.  The most important teammate (Daniel of course too!) is God – why not ask God for help?


Turn to Him in prayer

I can’t lie yesterday morning I thought I had reached my breaking point…Micah would not top screaming and nothing was working to calm him.  I honestly looked at him and said Micah mommy does not know what to do so we will pray that God helps us. Oh yes and then we went for a drive to run errands, thank God for those bumpy roads we live on :)

I need to be much more intentional about turning to Him in my times of need but in all times.  I often find myself browsing social media on my phone while feeding the boys – I’m set on trying to make this time each day more focused on God.  I have set out a daily devotional book on the side table where I often give the boys their bottle…and I am MAKING myself start each feeding by reading something from the book.  It may be a formal way to start asking God for help but it will begin to remind me where I find my strength.

And I will pray that God reminds me that He is ALWAYS there as the boys’ Father above.

I ask you – where do you turn to for strength and help in moments of weakness?  Do you feel like you are parenting alone at times?  When everything is falling on you as a mom how do you cope?

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Fitting in Fitness Part 2

Remember when I wrote a post a while back about how I was fitting in fitness as a new mom?  Well I am here with an update and part 2!! I have stuck to my plan of using workout DVDs I have already at home, our treadmill, and the outdoors.  I am happy to say even though there have been days when it was a bit tough to fit it in – I will be completing Focus T25 full 10 week program next week!

So what is up next for me?

Fitting In Fitness

Balanced Mom

Well I think there are a few things to keep in mind when coming up with your fitness goals…here are my two major considerations for my next program.

-TIME – must be no more than 45 minutes MAX, preferably 30 minutes or less

-FITNESS goal – I want to gain back the muscle tone I lost while pregnant

So I will be starting P90X3 next!  30 minutes a day and tailored to use equipment I have at home…and focused on muscle :)  which this mamma wants back!


I cannot wait to start – I have never done this fitness program.  I purchased it right before we started our journey to pregnancy.  The length of workout is perfect and it meets my current goals for fitting in fitness.

The Workouts include yoga, pilates, ab ripper, The Challenge (like the name already), Incinerator, Isometrix, and many more! Check out this site for more info (affiliate link thanks for your support).

Someone asked me the other day if I ever feel guilty taking 30-60 minutes each day (I do one rest day :) ) to workout…sometimes meaning I have someone watch the boys…and the answer is NO…I know treating myself to a sweat fest makes me a BETTER mom.  If I get in just a short sweaty workout I’m 110% better, more focused, and less stressed and to me that is the goal as a mom. I am the first to admit to mom guilt at times these past couple of months, but the first time I let it go and just worked out – I realized I should NOT feel guilty this makes me a BETTER BALANCED mom.

In all honesty I think EVERYONE should treat themselves to fitting in fitness each and every day.  You don’t have to be a new mom to need a good workout.  It makes you a healthier and happier person!  So of course I’m linking up with Becky for some Treat Yourself Tuesday fun.


It is Treat Yourself Tuesday time folks!

It is Treat Yourself Tuesday time folks!

Curious ? moms out there – do you find yourself feeling guilty for taking time out to work out or time for yourself? What is your favorite way to get in a FAST workout?  Share with me your favorite FAST at home workout!